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(You must pay attention to detail.) The Judicial Districts

Sec, 2 – That the United States shall be, and they hereby are divided into thirteen districts.

Also Sec.2 – one to consist of the State of Connecticut, and to be called Connecticut District; one to consist of the State of New York, and to be called New York District; one to consist of the State of New Jersey, and to be called New Jersey District. ( Look at how these districts are called theres no mistake.)

1791 = District of Columbia Established”In George Washington’s Proclamation of March 30, 1791 he declares the District of Columbia to be created and it’s borders established.” The “Federal Government” To handle these services needed its own district and its own postal treaty and its own postal service called the United States Postal Service in order to form a separate seat of government hence the need to form the District of Columbia. United States Postal district is not the original Contracted Post Roads, Postal Districts, and Post Offices. These are the “Federal Government” Postal Service FOR EMPLOYEES.When you use the “United States Postal Service” you are using the federal government’s in-house postal service, but in order to provide service throughout the country, they are piggy-backing on your state’s separate postal contracts, post roads, and post offices. They are making use of your state Postal Districts. This leads to a bifurcation of services under one roof. Meaning they have to use your Post Roads, Post Offices to provide you with Essential Government Services, They when they send their Mail send it to Pennsylvania District, Not Pennsylvania Territory,.

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