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our ancestors wisdom

The Creation of the Universe There are 125 billion trillion trillion atoms in the earth. How many stars are there in the universe?125 billion trillion trillion.Same number as atoms in the earth. As below, so above. The earth is a model of the universe that God presents to us to enable us to comprehend the universe and its stars. For the earth, the atoms are its stars.How big is the universe?We can find the answer by asking, how big is the earth? And what is its proportion of size in relation to the atom? In other words, how much bigger than the atom is the earth?The atom is 1/4 millionth of an inch across, which in miles is 4 trillionths. The earth is 7,900 miles across.The proportion of size is 7,900/4 trillionths = 2,000 trillion.That means the earth is 2,000 trillion times bigger than the atom. What this tells us, according to the law, is that the universe is 2,000 trillion times bigger than the solar system.So its size is 2,000 trillion x 7,900 million = 16 trillion trillion.The universe is 16 trillion trillion miles across and has 125 billion trillion trillion stars. The earth is 7,900 miles across and has 125 billion trillion trillion atoms. We must ignore the lies of modern scientists if we are to discover the truth about the creation of the universe. They say that 4.5 billion years ago there was a huge kaboom.A big bang. Our Ancestors never mentioned any bang, big or small.Ignore the bang and consider this:The law of creation is the law of cycles, which says the end point is the same as the beginning point, and the cycle repeats. A flower starts with a seed and ends with a seed, so that it may start again and continue forever. The cycle starts with the electron and ends with the universe. It ends where it began, so that it may start again and continue, without beginning and without end.If the earth is a mini-universe, is it not intuitive to think that it was a full universe at the beginning? And if the electron is a mini-earth, could it not have been a full earth also? If the universe is made of star systems and star systems are made of atoms, does that not say atoms are the original star systems of the beginning? The present universe originated from the universe of the past, and that one from the one before. There never was a time when a universe did not exist. Just as people are born of people, and flowers come from flowers, so also do universes come from universes. There is no beginning and no end. It has always been, and ever shall be.Our Ancestors teach the story of creation as follows:Long, long ago the earth was a full-size universe. Its present atoms were the stars of that universe, and they were 125 billion trillion trillion in number, filling space farther than the eye could see, stretching across that universe, which was 16 trillion trillion miles across. Just like every flower grows in its season and reaches full maturity, the universe has its season also, called its duration. At the end it reaches full maturity.When that universe of our Ancestors reached full maturity, it was time for it to give birth to a new universe, to continue the cycle of creation. Just as a flower folds itself into a tiny seed, which later unfolds into a full-fledged flower, so did the previous universe fold into a single earth. God, whose Mind is infinite, and to whom star systems are as atoms in size, gathered all these stars into a single sphere which became our earth. The stars of that entire previous universe became the atoms of the new earth. That is how the first earth of a new universe is always created. Then new stars filled the space around that earth, and our universe came into being. There is no big bang in the creation of a new universe, just as there is none in the growth of a flower. When it is time to create a new universe, God simply expands His Mind until the whole universe appears to be the size of a single earth. At that point the stars appear to be the size of atoms. The whole universe becomes one earth, and new stars are created all around it. Not only are the atoms of our earth identical to star systems, but they were actually the star systems of that universe of our Ancestors. Our electrons were Their planets on which They lived. When the purpose of that universe was completed, the Minds of our Ancestors expanded to an unimaginable extent, such that They could see the entire universe as a single sphere the size of our earth. That sphere became our earth and our Ancestors made themselves new bodies from its substance. They became its first Inhabitants. They are the Original People called the First Gods. We, as Black people, are Their descendants. Our lineage stretches all the way back to Them. That is the story of how They created our universe.Here’s a question to consider. If all the stars of the previous universe are used to form the first earth, where do all the new stars around it come from?

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