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one way or the other

The only certainty in the universe is change.

We can dream of a time when white folks can find consciousness racially and finally end their obsession with white denial, white silence, white apathy, white fragility, white entitlement, white defensiveness, white delusion, white greed, white fear, and white inaction.

We can dream of a new day when white folks will finally evolve into a age of white racial responsibility and shift to a culture of genuine white rage that takes action against any form of racial injustice. A white collective that is willing to tirelessly fight for a true antiracist culture and that actually desires systems, institutions, and governments that are free of the inhumane operations of white supremacy. We can only dream of shifts that can finally lead us into the authentic meaning of justice and peace for all.

Yes these dreams may never come true, but white folks make no mistake a change is gonna come in one way or another.

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