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Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance) está con Sindy Vaughn y 6 personas más. 14 de noviembre de 2013 a las 11:35 · Join Us!! ABC Kills US West Coast Evacuation Story: Why? Why did ABC7 news in San Francisco kill a story that shared that a West Coast evacuation might soon be necessary because of Fukushima? While Google cache clearly shows the story, the links take you to a ‘page not found’ even through the Google search link. Screenshots of cached story and google search link showing this dead story are below. In the censored story, Dr. David Suzuki, one of Canada’s top environmental scientists, stunned the audience when he described what will happen if a massive quake did hit today. Why is ABC censoring this story? Full article & video –…/abc-kills-us-west-coast-evacua… Illuminati Exposed Radio – Post by Anthony Brae TAKE ACTION: Support the Anti Corruption Act – March Against Mainstream Media November 16, 2013 – Find your local movement group here Support the Convention of States Project –

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