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Of mice and men

RIDICULOUS New York Post Headline Describes White Killer As ‘CLEAN CUT AMERICAN’. But White Privilege Doesn’t Exist, Right? #America2017 Well what can one say about the neo nazo terrorist who feels that he can say and do whatever he likes to say and do without any consequences happenning to him. This guy thank God has been apprehended and arrested by the police and is now scheduled to serve time after his trial which should end up as a conviction. But what gets me is the audacity per the words of Cenk from the TYT network and broadcast is how damn softly he has been dealt with via the media and in particularly the NY Post as a “Clean Cut American” as if this is an OK way of looking at this situation. I may say and rather emphatically that this is nothing less than so called White Privilege in which the media downplays and softens the image of white killers,rapist,thieves and thugs to make them ” more acceptable” and “More appealing” so that theres a modicum of support and empathy than their non white counterpart who are inevitably villified no matter the crime as an animal or something far worse. With that being said so called White America has a serious problem with policing itself and making sure there’s accountability among its ranks whteher its inside the family, police, government officials, schools and etc. My position on this matter is without compromise and as I detailed in my book The White Man’s Burden Of Lies and Deceit on the whole White People need to understand, accept, and take their seat at the table of humanity as a 2 bit player of it since they just arrived on the scene or ladder of humanity some 4k yrs ago. Every civilization known to man has been created by the black man and woman whether its China, Japan, the Americas, the Pacific and Europe but this fact has escaped the greater population of Whites and Blacks to the point that the ridiculous notion of inferiority of blacks exist in the minds of so called Whites and a wanna be status of superiority in the minds of blacks with respect to White people. For one and genetically speaking White people are inferior to black people and thats genetics 101 and I don’t thin k I have to go into great detail about that, but on the other hand as is written in the history books of America theres an overwhelming sense of pride wrongfully cast upon Whites as if they are the God send of humanity when in fact they have brought the world to its knees, stopping its progress as was the case throughout europe and the world whilst at the same time defiling it with the only thing they gave to worlds so called progress and they are the 4Ds death, destruction, disease and despair.

As I watch Trumpathon and his minions of poorly informed minions wreak havoc upon the American shores I cant help but imagine seeing the world in reverse where people of color are in control and how terrified White people will be and presently are of a Black Planet. To me this is the ultimate fear that pervades the mind of Whites and believe me Black people are not passive, nonviolent people we are quite violent and can be towards our enemies and this is where this deep seated fear comes from. White people directly or indirectly know that Black people had them as slaves in the Americas and it was black people who sent Whites into captivity throughout Europe the Americas and the world while hunting them down, putting them on the auction block, checking their teeth, musculature and taking the skin off their backs for making book binders, door panels and purses. This angst of Whites is very real, very pervasive, and very deep and as I explained in my ebook The White Man’s Burden available on theres a deep fear of Blacks that Whites have and they know for the most part that vengeance is already at hand whereby blacks are literally killing whites at every opportunity across the globe but this isnt reported on the news. So this Clean Cut White guy may have had a nice play in the media he wont have it so well in prison believe me hell learn to like and love black guys very well as he becomes adjusted to the reality of prison life as he gets passed around like the BITCH he truly is.

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