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not my fight

This Immigration Ban is “Poetic Justice” and NOT My Fight.

These immigrants climbed into bed with the White Supremacists and advanced from the sweat and labor of so-called Black People. Now they are getting “SCREWED”. They are gang banging the hell out of them.

They have put us down because they were doing better than us. Many of them despised us. Every penny these Asians, Arabs, Indians, Hispanics and Muslims made came from so-called Black People where they had set up their businesses in the black communities. The White Man gave it to them and now he is taking it back.

We and our people are the ones who fought to obtain the few crumbs we receive from these White Supremacists and they were able to come onto our land and be given better benefits and opportunities. I personally do not know of any of them who marched and shouted along side of us regarding our injustices such as discrimination, murdering of our people, etc… Karma is powerful!

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