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Norman McCreary:

But what many of our Copper, Brown and Dark, Nations of Peoples and Tribes don’t OVER-STAND is that White Hematologist, Anthropologists, Ethologist, & Archaeologist know these facts and truths and that the ‘OUT OF AFRICA’ THEORY TO be a lie, because they have studied us, since they came onto our shores, They know about the Ancient MOUNDS, our ARTIFACTS, etc and put all of their findings in BOOKS. Facts that they presented to Congress, and each other, etc., but fact that we have to research and study in order to find the truth. Like the many lies in library, but if you look hard enough you’ll find the truth.

But our Nations of Copper, Brown, and Dark brothers and sisters would rather White people, and our last Presidents tell them / Us who WE are, instead of learning who WE are. These Races of Fictions (made up person), Nom De Guerre & En Legis like Blacks, Negros, Colored, Africans, and African Americans, were all created by racist whites as they now call themselves, institutional racism was established and a pecking order was established through Master & Servant Laws. These Corporate Creations, or Fictions, Persons, are considered RACES, & subjected property, instead of Nations, with Nationalities under Natural Law. Obama signs bill eliminating ‘Negro,’ ‘Oriental’ from federal laws

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