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First of all, the territory was not empty! You do understand that right?

There were millions, 10’s of millions of people living in what we call the United States BEFORE the Europeans arrived. Since it was already FULL of people, any talk about “buying some portion of it” from some other country across the ocean who had basically NO presence there is itself ABSURD. Do you see that?

France no more legitimately “owned” that land than I do. They got it from Spain a couple of decades earlier as a debt payment after losing yet another government sponsored war. And Spain had no more “owned it” nor had any “right” to transfer any so called ownership of that portion of the earth full of people than I do. It is a transparent fraud of the highest and most ludicrous order to imagine otherwise. Dressing it up with fancy documents and meaningless ceremonies doesn’t make it LEGITIMATE.

Do you see that? Some guy, floats up on a ship. Steps onto the land, filled with 10’s of millions of people and says a few words, sticks a flag in the ground and now the land is “owned” by some king or country? How preposterous is this idea? Yet that is at the foundation to support the “purchase” as well. Think about that. That is an idea that was put into your head by Government. It makes NO sense.

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