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Supposedly 400 to 700 people were packed into these ships like sardines. Lets say that the men were 160lb and the women were 120lbs, making and average weight of 140lb. That is between 25 & 50 tons in human cargo weight. A few ships from that time were 300-500 tons. ... The majority of the ships from the 17th century were 150 to 200 tons, abt 90' long and 20'wide. The trip across the Atlantic took 47-138 days 400 people would need at least a gallon of fresh water per day. Water weighs 8.34lbs per gallon 400 people need 55, 000 gallons of water to last 138 days.. 55, 000 gallons of water weighs 460, 000lbs or 230 tons.

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