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Black holocaust world wide agenda

It was denied for decades, now that we are in the age of information, truth has a way of revealing itself. We were made to acknowledge the so-called holocaust of the Khazars, but they didn’t want us to know that we were being exterminated in Germany since the 1800s. Not only that, we are going through a holocaust today in the USA. It has gone on for 400 years, and nobody wants us to own up to the fact, that it’s still going on. It’s been happening physically, politically, academically, socially, economically and spiritually. They don’t want to see the black man in his true greatness. Khazars know their time is up, and they will do all they can do in the short time they have left on this planet. They’re being wiped out just by cohabitating with us, and the only way they can sustain rulership is to have alliance with other races of people that they hate, and then join forces to keep the black man down, who they hate the most. So far, the Asians who want to be caucasian, have fallen for this scheme. Those being ashamed of the fact that they too are straight from Africa, soon will wake up and see the devil for who he truly is. He is not of nature. A man without a soul. The sun hates him, and he sickens the earth. Money is his God, and he tries to make money your God also. No one who has a soul could have these teenage boys going to war to fight for something that they won’t benefit from. They bust in and steal resources from Africa by sending in missionaries to soften up the warriors for when the mercinaries come through. Water gets poisoned, enemies are made between tribes over a religion they had no knowledge of 3 years before. every tribe is made to believe that they

killed Jesus, so they will convert to Christianity and start fighting the muslims. Children die of thirst on the borders of the enemy’s land, and it’s all by design. While theyre fighting over religion, We send our soldiers over to fight for God also, ( G.O.D.=Gold, Oil and Drugs) and Queen Elizabeth sits there and waits until the smoke finally clears, and claims the land was put up for collateral for the weaponry she lent to them. she makes money both ways, because she also owns a lot of the media, and these stories make good news and reading, It’s like one big chess game to her. All america is to her, is a self

perpetuating manufacturing plant and killing machine. We keep turning the key to the vault, and she walks in and gets all the riches when we do. They know now, that people are waking up to their 6000 year spell, and soon they will have to go into hiding.

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