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Nothing Kills Like Depraved White Men. No Other Man, No Other Beast”

Adolph Hitler was a corporal in the Austrian army on this day in 1917, and even he shunned white America for its level of savagery.

As an historical foot note, some historians feel the Germans got their plan for their “final solution” to the Jewish problem from America’s treatment of Blacks between 1914 and 1935.

The newspaper accounts of the East St. Louis Massacre and other lynchings and white race riots were widely circulated in the French, English and German press.

Nazi Germans realized that if the entire dominant community is against a minority or unpopular members of that community, after sufficient vilification of the minority or unpopular group, the dominant group can do what they want no matter how horrible the punishment. It will mirror public opinion and thereby be justified. The Nazi cause was also the same as White Supremacy in the United States.

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