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They beat him in his face, then they cut of his ears, then they cut off his body part, and then they lynched him. A few days later his wife found out and said she was going to have them charged with murder. By making that statement in that county, they didn’t like it so they went after her. And they brought her back to the area they had lynched her husband. But instead of lynching at they time, they threw motor oil on her, and set her on fire. She was screaming so loud, one of the men shouted “shut that nigger up!” So then this is when they lynched her to shut her up. And after they lynched her, she had died. A few days later they returned to look at her, because they were still mad about the statement of getting them charged with murder. So thats when they noticed that life was still in the body. Her baby in her stomach was still alive. So one of the men took out his knife and cut her stomach open and the baby’s head came out. It then gave two fetus cries, it was hungry. So rather than helping the baby, he just grabbed the baby by the head, snatched it out of the stomach, threw it on the floor, took his shoe and crushed the baby’s head, beating it into a pulp. And then they saw two cats eating the intestines of the husband, so they picked up the cats, and put them into the stomach where the baby once was and sewed it into her stomach and made bets about which cat would get out first……… EXHIBIT @ BLACKS IN WAX MUSEUM, Baltimore, MD The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum 1601-03 East North Avenue Baltimore, Maryland 21213 Office: 410-563-3404

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