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I scroll thru my page and I hear, see and observe so many Sistas and Brothas claim they are “Witches”… “Warlocks”….”Root Doctors” and “Shamans”…. I hear them threatening to curse another African, to use what they know to hurt another African…I’ve had an African on here even attempt to send something my way…. Yet when our true enemies attack, these same ppl offer nothing but empty words and idle threats to our historical nemesis… They offer NOTHING as they brag,boast n post pictures of themselves with spiritual tools, smoking pots, necklaces and shrines…. But when the time arises to use what they know… to come together against a transgressor of Black Life… SILENCE. WHEN WILL YOU UNLEASH IT ON A DESERVING ADVERSARY?? HUH AFRICAN????? WHEN?????????????????????

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