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Science now confirms what millions of Black people have already intuitively known for a very long time, that Caucasians are not African albinos. According to two new studies that looked at the DNA fossils hidden in the modern human genome, white people are not African albinos that turned white due to the centuries of long exposure to colder climates. These study found that white people today shares more physical characteristics with their Neanderthal ancestors then do modern Africans. It revealed that European’s white skin, like their blue or green eyes and long recessive hair are direct genetic traits of Neanderthal DNA according to the study. These two new studies, published in the Journal Nature, reveal that people of European descent today retain Neanderthal DNA that affects their hair, skin, fertility, predisposition to certain diseases and possibly other characteristics. Yet for centuries white scholars and scientists have done their best to disassociate themselves from their Neanderthal cave dwelling origins and have instead totally attached themselves onto our Africans human origin. However the study found that Caucasians are not African albinos. The term albinism is reserved to describe a syndrome resulting from very drastic changes in genes that disable the production of melanin. Albinism specifically oculocutaneous albinism is caused by mutations in different genes that abrogate or drastically decrease melanin production, and in some cases no melanin is produced at all. People with oculocutaneous albinism have translucent skin and vision defects, more serious in people with OCA1 mutations than OCA2 mutations. The mutations can occur in any ethnic group, in every continent. The white skin of Europeans is not caused by that disease or condition. The latest findings revealed that Europeans have light skin not due to albinism but because of genetic variants that are the results of their Neanderthals DNA. People of European descent today retain Neanderthal DNA that may affect their hair, skin, fertility, predisposition to certain diseases and possibly other characteristics, a new study in the journal Nature suggests. The research further revealed that indigenous Africans are the only pure human beings. Therefore possess no Neanderthal DNA. Isn’t it ironic that for centuries that many whites have regarded Black people as being subhuman ape and themselves as the true humans, however science reveals the exact opposite. Some people will present the question that if we’re different species than how come we can interbreed? We do so in the same way that a Lion and Tiger they can reproduce but they are not of the same species.


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