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Why do racist people marry black people? There is Racial hatred And there is racist attraction. There are many people who are attracted to black and Asians because they believe they are below them and hence gives them the upper hand. This is very controversial, as it puts in to question some interracial relationships and how the balance of power is played. I've known of many RACIST who have done this. Often if the male is europain; he is also likely to be a chauvinist as well, as he is a power-monger. Often deeply insecure, and utilises inequalities for his benefit. He may also have financial leverage for the purpose. An intelligent person will spot this type of cynical RACIST MASTER- SLAVE ROLE PLAY game. There are other games like non white men who resent europain people and want an europain girlfriend or wife. I've seen this enough times. WE FEEL SORRY FOR THEM .WHO DOES THAT IN 2022 .... Decent and intelligent people don't fall for these unhealthy relationships, SADLY most interracial relationships are NOT AS fine AS THEY CLAIM. A large number of people have discovered an inter-ethnic relationship has NOT improved their life AT ALL . A whole new world has opened up, with so much to learn and enjoy. In many cases interracial relationships has NEVER enabled individuals to avoid many of the prejudices they suffer in their own community and are better assessed and regarded elsewhere. CONCLUSION : ONLY STRUCTURAL GLOBAL READJUSTMENT IS THE SOLUTION FOR A BETTER WORLD . NO AMOUNT OF SEXUAL RELATIONS HAVE EVER IMPROVE A WORLD DOMINATED BY POVERTY , INJUSTICE , RACISM , SELF HATE AND DISTRUST . Sometimes europain people will say to me Dr. Welsing what can I do to help? And I said tell Afrikan people what europain people are talking about when there is no Afrikan people around. They all go silent. They are either talking without restriction or in code about white genetic survival. I had an europain college professor say to me after I was invited to speak at a prison for a program organized by a University educational programs in a prison where 100% of the prison are black males. So I went to make a speech about EUROPAIN Racism So this europain professor said to me while she drove me home. She said,

Dr Welsing ,see sometimes when you push truth and I am not being rude nor disrespectful, white people feel compelled to come out with their truth so she said Dr. Welsing you know I hate to admit but on all social occasions, not some, not a few,but on all social occasions when there is only europain people together and it’s not a single black or Afrikan Blood people around she said we are talking 100 % negatively about black or Afrikan Blood people, and the assumption is that everybody that is europain present is in agreement with all the nasty demeaning cruel things we talked about AFRIKAN PEOPLE . So I told her that I fully understood that very well . And I made her understand that she and her white friends were simply talking in CODE ABOUT EUROPAIN GENETIC SURVIVAL REPLACEMENT PSEUDO HYPOTHESIS . OR about their survival. They are not going to reveal it to non White they just going to say it over and over Gosh isn’t it nice that we are in a democracy. Understand the bottom line they are talking in code about their survival and at the same time that Black people are wasting million trying to be accepted while there are millions of Black people locked up in their prisons. Millions and thousands indoctrinated to follow eurocentric worldview . Yes you can be racist towards a group while dating/having relations with/being married to a person from that group. You could be fetishizing that person’s race, viewing them as merely an object of your own gratification. "There are people who believe that this world is fair and good, all lollipops and rainbows. Those are pretty colors that hide what the world really is: We must be honest and tell the truth. And if feelings get hurt, so be it. In a world full of their evil injustice , it is time to face reality and transform for our own peace of mind and pursue of AFRIKAN HAPPINESS , JUSTICE AND SERENITY .

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