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THE AMERICAN CONTINENT – THE BELOVED LAND ACCORDING TO ANCESTORSMost scholars agree that the unifier of ancient Egyptand therefore the first Pharaoh of unified ancient Egypt in Africa was a man by the name of Narmer.Now the word Narmer is related to the word Ta-Mer-t (Land of Moors), which is ancient Egypt.

Now the word Ta means Land and the word Mer means Love, amongst other great definition. In other words, the word Ta-Mer literally means The Beloved land.. It is undeniable as to the fact that there was ancient Egyptian presence in the America’s. This is why, when we go deeper into the documents that pertains to ancient Egypt we find out that Egypt was not just Africa but in America also..

In fact, when we break down the word Ta-Mer-t (ancient Egypt), we get Amer-ta or America, which ultimately means The Beloved Land. Why do you think that in a State of the Union Address on December 1, 1862, Abraham Lincoln made the statement of United States being Egypt of the West? What does that mean? That statement was masonic in origin. Europeans in early times understood exactly where they were living.. This is why when we research the word Morocco (Rock of the Moors) when referred to in the Arabic word “Mayrib al aqca” it means the FAR, or EXTREME west (Oxford’s Dictionary of Etymology) .

There is West Africa, and there is the FAR or EXTREME west which is A-MER-ICA. Also, when we research ancient Egypt even further, we find out that Ta-Mer-t was not brought into the west, but was taken from the WEST, this is why MOOR references to the West.. In other words, the ancient Egyptians started in A-MER-ICA and then on to Africa. The ancient Egyptians did not just stay in Africa, they were moving back and forth FROM and TO. This is why German scientist Svetla Balabanova and two of her colleagues reported Tobacco, Hashish and Cocaine which is not indigenous to Africa, as being found in the bodies of the ancient Egyptian mummies..

The ancient Egyptians named the America’s. The word did not come from some Italian. The word AMER, could EASILY BE PROVEN to have existed before Amerigo was even a thought, SO THERE IS NO DEBATE. I have already proven it in this writing. From Ta-Mer, we also get the word Amir or Emir which means commander, general, or even prince. In other words, NOBLE. So, the Moors had extreme respect for the West. This is why it irks me when I see so-called Black people in the America’s disrespect the west and refer to the European as “The Western Man”, as to show disgust.

It shows me that they don’t know what they are talking about because the European is NOT THE WESTERN MAN, though he is of the West , but HE IS NOT THE WESTERN MAN, He is the THE MODERN EUROPEAN, the ancient European were so-called Black people. We should understand and say that the Europeans ‘HAVE DESTROYED’ THE ORIGINAL CONCEPT OF WHAT THE WEST WAS SUPPOSE TO BE ABOUT, BUT THE CONCEPT OF THE WESTERN MAN, IS NOT A TERRIBLE ONE.

America was the beloved land to the ancestors of those who are indigenous to it (so-called Black people). Yes, the slave trade was OVERLY EXAGGERATED. It was a scam that the European came up with as to steal the birth right of the people living on the continent whom they perceived as having cities of gold. Now, of course many so-called Blacks in America have such a bad feeling about America due to them in the present not understanding that they were stripped of their indigenous status.

Of course, they were not just stripped of their indigenous status but was also treated the worst of ways that anyone could ever think off..However, one should never forget that anything good could be used to do evil, ANYTHING. The so-called Blacks of the land, need to return to loving this land because of so much loving energy that their ancestors gave to it.. This is why when we go into Moor Metaphysics or the Occult we learn that REDEMPTION FOR THE WORLD SHALL COME FROM ‘THE WEST’. I could deeper as to the reason why prophecy is connected to the west, but I’ll leave you all with something to THINK about.. NOW, GET BACK TO LOVING THE LAND THAT YOUR ANCESTORSLOVED SOO MUCH

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