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Lets remove the lies behind "nappy hair".. the word nappy hair was never use to describe the texture of the African hair prior to the 1600's the original meaning of the word "nappy" meaning "downy". Downy means something that is resembling down..if you look at the word nappy, the root word is nap means to relax, to sleep.. so if you look at the European texture of their hair, they fit the descri ption more than the African.. their hair is down, droopy.. so their hair is nappy..The African hair is not nappy til they straighten their hair and put a chemical in the hair called RELAXer..Whats the root word for relaxer, relax.. its the same meaning as nap..The oppressor had to convince the Africans that their hair is an abomination so they can change the texture of their hair, they knew if they change the texture of their hair they will always remain weak and submissive, cause they knew the power of their hair.. The African hair, the woolly natural hair is the antenna which YAH communicates to them. So when you change the texture of your hair, YAH can't communicate to you..the transmission will come to u as static.. Have you every see the Prophets such as Daniel, Jeremiah, etc.. Messiahs such as Moses, Noah, Yeshua, etc.. Liberators such as Malcolm X, Bantu Biko, Marcus Garvey, etc with hair that relax..absolutely not..When Malcolm X had his hair relax, he was weak, insignificant, until he cut it off and have his natural hair grow that is when he started to get stronger like Samson.. Hair that are relax is consider nappy and hair that coils and kinky is consider as Hair of the Gods.

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