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#repost 1. She ended her shift & returned to the CORRECT police department 2. She clocked out using the CORRECT time clock 3. She retrieved her CORRECT belongings from the CORRECT locker 4. She went to the CORRECT parking lot & retrieved her CORRECT car using the CORRECT set of keys 5. She then drove .2 miles on the CORRECT side of the street using CORRECT hand & eye coordination & observing all CORRECT traffic laws 6. She turns her car into the CORRECT apt building………… Wait For It….NEXT IS WHERE THEY WANT US TO BELIEVE AN ACUTE ONSET OF BLINDNESS & AMMESIA TOOK PLACE 7. She is now CONFUSED & parks on the WRONG garage floor on the WRONG side of the building 8.She gets out of the CORRECT car & locks the doors with the CORRECT keys & takes her CORRECT personal belongings. 9. She takes the stairs &/or elevator to the WRONG FLOOR 10. With her eyes open (The same ones used in the preceeding events & she used all day) She walks to the WRONG apt door 11. At this door is a RED DOORMAT that she has never seen before & located on the side of the door is where the apt number can be visualized( Sorry I forgot she went blind) 12. According to different reports she either A. Bangs & yells on the WRONG door because her CORRECT keys won’t open the WRONG door & Mr. Botham answers the door & is shot. B. Stated WRONG door was UNLOCKED & she enters the WRONG dark apt and SUDDENLY REGAINS HER SIGHT & sees an unknown male & fires her police issued weapon at suspect striking him in the chest 13. At this point she turns on the light & realizes she is in the WRONG APT & shot the WRONG PERSON 14. She regains her vision & calls 911 (It has not been reported that she began CPR on Mr. Bonham) 15. EMS & police arrive in 4 minutes and per a video taken by a tenant & posted on social media said officer can be seen pacing hallways & talking on phone (family? lawyer?) 16. EMS is seen providing CPR to Mr. Bonham who is subsequently taken to & pronounced dead at a local Dallas Hospital 17. Officer sleeps in a comfortable bed & remains free without charges for 3 days because this has been described to the public as “A VERY SPECIAL CASE” 18. Mr. Bontham is placed on a cold slab in the coroner’s morgue as his family flys thousands of miles from St. Lucia to identify their beloved son & brother’s body 19. 72 hrs later officer is charged with manslaughter in the death of Mr. Bonham & posts 10% of the $300K bail is back home with her family 20. Mr. Bonham’s family prepares to bury him on Thursday. * Now Let That All Sink In*

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