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my granny said

The American Negro grandmothers and great great grandmothers and so on are from America but these Negros don’t have any relatives in Africa but still claim Africa. Disrespecting your grandparents to the highest of disrespect! Shame on you all!

Every Pan African American I speak with or have debates with, always breaks down and admits his or her grandmother or great grandparents were Indian but they refuse to claim that part of them.

They have all the information about who their grandparents were but don’t have one single evidence to prove that they are descendants of an African ethnic group out of Africa. They only have what they have been taught or brainwashed to believe. No African goes out of their way to look for you or claim you because they know they are not the same as you. They don’t have anyone in Africa who claims them as family. Most only have the fake geology test that has nothing to do with DNA. Shame on you! Now that’s the biggest form of self hate!!! Denying your American ancestors descent and heritage!

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