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THE EXISTENCE OF MULTIPLE SPECIES “always be suspicious when you are told a species, “… Just disappeared”. Chances are it didn’t. It may have went underground; or have been reclassified as something else”. From the above news stories we can see, something or someone looking human and being humane are very different things. But the behavior will always be a dead giveaway! Not all species are cannibalistic and kill. It is only this most recent history, have this behavior of survival of the fittest came to be. The way the world is now is not how it use to be. The original human race has been subjugated in almost every way, from the technological inhibition and removal of spiritual consciousness, to the use of government, law enforcement, agencies, and social institutions that manipulate attitudes and opinions of the already spiritually “deactivated” humans. Those human with a soul are in the midst of a covert program of spiritual warfare–an ongoing holocaust created by a subversive race of beings. This “foreigner” species replaced, at least partially, another group of human beings once present on Earth. Many of these original souls on earth once possessed advanced mental and spiritual abilities and had dramatically longer life spans. Apparently there was a humanoid species who downgraded these humans through the use of a DNA retrovirus that removed all of the higher mental functions of the original race making them inferior to these humanoids, and vulnerable. And through advanced technology the memory patterns of many were altered causing them to forget who they really are on a spiritual level. There are very sophisticated devices in place that further limit human consciousness and potential by using high frequency magnetic fields that polarize thought waves produced by conscious beings. There are other devices used to block human telepathy, which is really just communication of thoughts between humans via electromagnetic frequencies. Apparently these frequencies are jammed with other frequencies that oppose them. Most people think telepathic communication is not possible because they have been programmed to think so. They have no memory of being able to communicate telepathically, and they currently have this process of their consciousness totally disabled. The original humans are cut off from themselves and they do not even know it. Further most humans assume everyone is from the same race or have the same creation or evolution story when a significant percentage of the world’s population are of a different origin, different consciousness, and different reality. There are many different species, and different types of souls; but what distinguishes them are those with Souls and those without. Those with souls, have been trapped for quite sometime locked within a grid without prior knowledge of self, past deeds or the ability to move forward, but all that is about to change.

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