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In Muhammads own homeland of Arabia, the end came late, but it came: In Arabia, the domination of Mecca and Medina by the resurgent Black Wahhabi Muslims, was a serious embarrassment to the Turkish Ottoman sultan – who was the titular overlord of the Arabian territory, and the leading Muslim sovereign. Therefore, at the invitation of Turkish Sultan Mahmud II (1808-39), Muhammad Ali Pasha (an Albanian Turk); sent an expedition to Arabia that between 1811 and 1813 expelled the Wahhabis from the Hejaz. In a further campaign (1816-18), Ibrahim Pasha, the viceroy’s eldest son, defeated the Wahhabis in their homeland of Najd, and thus brought Central Arabia under Turkish Albanian control. With the taking of Arabia, Whites now had control over all of it – the territories and the Religions. And after each victory, they sought to insure that the Black man would never raise again in his former territories.

The White man found that to accomplish this, there was a weapon just as effective as the Sword or Gun – the Lie! With the lie, the White man was able to convince everyone that his own weakness, the Pale Albino like skin that he wore, was a strength and denoted superiority. Thus no meaning was to be given to the fact that unlike the Normal and Natural inhabitants of those lands, the White Man found it necessary to completely cover his body in clothing, from head to toe, in order to survive the Sunlight of those regions. There is no known record of what he told Blacks to convince them to wear the Total Body Robes that they now wear, but we know that it is not natural for them, as Black skin is natures natural protection against Sunburn and skin cancer, and because the Blacks of those regions wore light attractive clothing before the White mans conquest. The Black mans only consolation in all of this, is that even as he endures through hardship in those regions that were formerly his; Few “Pure Whites” still exist in the southern regions. They have been “Absorbed” and replaced by a “Mixed Race” people; who themselves have turned against the White Man. (The mainly “mixed-race” people of Turkey – keep petitioning to join the White European Community. But that has so-far not been forthcoming – the claim is that they are too “Different”).

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