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According to my research, Moor was first used by the Greeks, they called us Mavro, (Black), It was then translated into latin as Mavrvs, and into english as Maurus, and from Maurus came the word Moor, negro, aethiops.

Which all described the hues of our melanin brothers and sisters. It is just like using black, dark, swarthy, dark, brown, copper to describe a people. The term Moor, MUUR, etc are just synonymous terms used to describe the hue of our melanin people around the world. It is, was used in the same sense as Black, Naga, Negus, Negro, African, Niger in the east.

It is true that the indigenous copper, brown and dark nations of North, South & Central America never called themselves Moor,Muurs, until after the Europions came to our shores. The term Moor is ancient in the East, Nubia, Sudan, Sumeria, Egypt, Ariabia, Asia Minor,etc. This is were Europeans first started calling us Moors, Ethopians, Naga, Niger, Negus, Niger, Arabians, Abysiannians,etc because of our melanin copper, brown and dark complexions.

Due our melanin or hue that is all over the world we can all be considered Indians which is another term used to describe us, just like Moors, Nagas, Negus, Nubians, Sumerians, etc because all those word do is describe our complexions. Now when we get into our Nations and Nationalities that’s a different story, because we are the names that our ancient elders and ancestors called themselves and none of those labels above can do that. Administrar

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