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The Moche

Just as elements from the Chavín civilization filtered south to influence the Paracas people, so the Paracas people influenced a cultural development in the north, around the Virú, Chicama, and Moche valleys, {about 250 B.C. to 750 A.D.}. The most important of these cultures – is commonly called the Moche – which is a name taken from the excavated site in the Moche river valley. {This place appears to have been the capital or chief city of the Moche people}.

* The Moche settlements extended along the hot, arid coast of northern Peru from the Lambayeque River valley, south for more than 215 miles to the Nepeña River valley. There were no towns built in the northern valleys however, here dispersed communities were built in such a way, so as not to waste the valuable irrigated agricultural lands. In these areas Ceremonial centers seem to have served as the social and cultural focal points. * The Moche people developed an art form that includes some of the finest sculpture in the history of pottery. The range of designs makes these objects remarkable not only as art, but also as a record of the civilization from which they came. The extensive number of objects produced, suggests that the civilization was an extremely populous one, in which power and wealth were major goals. * The Moche, like the other Black Empires of the Americas, often exploited or enslaved Mongol type Indians. But in the end it caused the Black Empires downfall, because it caused the Mongol type Indians to join forces with the Albino Europeans to defeat the Inca and Aztec Empires. The Europeans then of course betrayed the Indians, exploited and enslaved them, even murdered them, just as they did the Blacks, though not to the extreme of Genocide as with the Blacks in Europe and the Americas. See the study: “Litigation over the Rights of Natural Lords in Early Colonial Courts in the Andes”. *** Images matter. History is a tool for growth. We have been taught false history. * The media & the education system dont show real images of the first settlers world wide and the progenitor of humans because they were all Black. It’s proven by genetics & the study of excavations, art & literature. * Without a past you don’t have a future. Knowledge of Self is the cure for selfhate, skinbleeching, lack of pride & self-destruction. * ### — Thank you for reading my posts. Credits, respect & grattitude to all the researchers from RealHistory, the most awakened minds in the Black Community. — ###

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