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Mike Really is the Goat According to Guinness World Records Michael is the best entertainer of ALL TIMES , he is the MOST AWARDED artist of all TIMES , he was actually crowned a real King in the Ivory Coast and he was awarded as the artist of the decade by President Bush in 1989 , The BAD tour still holds the World Record Guinness for the tour with the largest paid audience, 125 million $, and Thriller is still the top selling album of ALL TIMES , which outsells many of Elvis’ albums combined , who NEVER wrote a single song , whereas Michael is inducted in the Songwriter Hall of Fame and the Dance hall of Fame , without even being formally trained . He was inspired by James Brown, whom he called phenomenal and a genius. MJ’s Cirque du Soleil are by far more successful than both the Beatles and Elvis’ combined , Immortal grossed 300 million$ whereas the Beatles Love Show grossed only 68 million$ and Elvis show even less than the Beatles . MJ’S Cirque du Soleil Immortal tour is the 8th highest grossing tour of ALL TIMES, MJ is the top earning celebrity EVERY single year since his death. MJ also had and has many impersonators , who even went UNDER the knife to look like him and in 1983 a fan of his killed himself because his parents wouldn’t let him have cosmetic surgery to look like Michael.

Upon the news of his death Wikipedia and Twitter reported a crash, the Internet collapsed, 8 people committed suicide when MJ died and help lines provided emotional support to people all over the world. Tens of thousands paid homage to the Apollo Theatre where crowds camped out for weeks after his passing. MJ was so popular that he became the first western artist to EVER appear on a commercial in Russia. In 1997 he was voted the most famous person in the world, he holds 23 world Guinness records AND he wrote most of his songs himself. MJ sold out two concerts for his HIStory Tour in Aloha Stadium within a few hours , which was unprecedented , the demand for his 7 sold out Wembley concerts in 1987 was enough to fill the stadium 20 times and This is it became the highest grossing music documentary of ALL TIMES , it grossed 327 million $ according to wiki. MJ was in show business since he was 6 years old , he had a 45 year old career, he was a child star , Rolling Stone called him a prodigy , he broke racial barriers , he put MTV on the map and he has influenced every single artist after him. He is a by far more complete artist than any other artist, IN EVERY SINGLE WAY, his creativity, his dance moves , his songwriting ability, his explosion and energy on stage. #BKQ #BlackExcellence

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