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metu neter

mdju netjer is ancient Egyptian writing meaning; ‘words of the gods’

there are many who say that the priests of ancient Kemet/Egypt told Plato that the ruins of Atlantis lay beneath the temples and ruins of Cairo and that a new age and massive flooding had prompted the building of a new city - information the secret societies hold.

when the Europeans/Hyskos invaded Kemet 2,000 years ago [and muc

h later, the Arabs], none of the Nubian Egyptians would teach the invaders how to read and write Egyptian hieroglyphics – this was considered too dangerous regarding advanced technologies.

it took Europeans 2,000 years to finally learn how to read Egyptian hieroglyphics after Napoleon invaded Egypt in the late 1700’s and his soldiers looted of his soldiers found what is known as the Rosetta Stone – which was written in three languages. the Rosetta Stone not only gave birth to Egyptology but transformed the European way of life when they finally deciphered the science written in stone and on papyrus.

it was only until relatively recently that ordinary people could learn Egyptian hieroglyphs for themselves as scholars and universities virtually kept it secret.

Diop noted that Napoleon was horrified from what he learned about the origins of the Hyskos race through the history recorded by the Egyptians and blew the face off the great Sphynx.

within 50 years, Europe had electricity, cars and tv through a technology boom. Interesting to note too that although many attributed this to Tesla – he had access to the Vatican archives which stores much of the looted treasures from don’t get access to the archives unless you’re ‘one of them’...coincidence?

pic: Temple of Isis Philae, Egypt before Aswan dam was built


1061 - 1104 A.D.

Peter I receiving a shield emblazoned with the Cross of Saint George. According to legend, George appeared on the field of battle at Alcoraz. The heads of four decapitated MOORS were also found on the battlefield and, when added to George's familiar emblem, the Cross of Alcoraz was created, which would later form the basis for the Sardinian coat-of-ar


Jeronimo Martínez

Circa 1524

If I said that Peter I of Aragon who went to war with the Almoravid's was actually

a Moor himself (a Christian Moor), I would get the typical response of

"Bro, I think you are going too far" or The individual will unfriend me and a couple of weeks later I'll look into my friend request thing and BAM, they want more.. They have added me again.. I am not just saying but SHOWING, though this painting is a little tampered with.. Though they left the Islamic Moors intact. I am suppose to take you out of your comfort zone and trust me, I WILL.. I WILL TAKE YOU OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE..



Venetian Paintings that was not tampered with

The Reception of the Ambassadors in Damascus

Circa 1511


The Venetians are led by a man in red with a so-called black cap, while behind him huddle a bevy of so-called black-coated ministerial aides. In front of them sits the Viceroy (not a Mamluk Viceroy because Mamluks were Caucasoid slaves captured in Europe, and he is not shown as pale), of the Ottoman Empire, in a magnificent headdress, with two white clothed underlings behind him. All three are seated cross-legged on a raised dais, which has been covered with a fine carpet..

At that time the Venetians were so-called Black people.

The Turks are bleached out now because of their heavy involvement with Caucasoid enslavement, which also cause their fall.. I have posted some previous information explaining that and I do not want to repeat all that information.. One thing

I will tell you is to research slavery in the Ottoman Empire.. The so-called Afro Turks

are actually Turks who did not bleach themselves out or got defeated and killed.. The Venetians got bleached out through mixing and also because of being defeated by barbarians or Caucasoid who were heavily oppressed who decided end their oppression.. Don't be listening to these people who will make it seem like so-called Blacks have only been oppressed BLAH BLAH BLAH.. We have been oppressors at MANY, and I mean MANY times in our history.. Why do you think Caucasoid hate you so much?? Oh, they just hate you because they are a bunch of mean guys BLAH BLAH BLAH???


Mogao Caves or Mogao Grottoes or

Dunhuang Caves

The caves contain some of the finest examples of Buddhist art spanning a period of 1,000 years. The first caves were dug out 366 AD as places of Buddhist meditation and worship.The Mogao Caves are the best known of the Chinese Buddhist grottoes and, along with Longmen Grottoes and Yungang Grottoes, are one of the three famous ancient Buddhist sculptural sites of China

Dinosaur Fossils Are Millions Of Years Old?

Since dinosaurs have been with us throughout history, one wonders if the dinosaur fossils are as old as advertised (65-150 million years old). Fossils formed when sand and clay covered dead or dying organisms at the bottom of a body of water. Subsequently, the water receded from these sedimentary deposits, allowing them to dry out and harden into rock, and thus, encased the organisms. If these creatures did die and fossilize millions of years ago, no organic material should be present in the fossils, as this material would have disintegrated or been mineralized millions of years ago. But lo and behold, fossils have been discovered containing residual organic material, thus indicating the fossils are in the thousands, not millions, of years of age. This should not surprise us, as dinosaurs are inextricably linked to human history.

Organic osteocalcyn was found in dinosaurs’ bones, as reported by Gerhar

d Muyzer. This bone protein should have long ago randomly decomposed, or turned into rock (mineralized) by mineral-rich waters percolating through the entombed creature and its surrounding rock, presuming the bones are millions of years old. In Mongolia, a mother dinosaur fossil was excavated which was brooding upon 22 eggs. The presence of protein in buried dinosaur eggs is highly surprising considering the chemical instability of protein. Faculty and staff at Montana State University were shocked to discover that a tyrannosaurus rex bone contained red blood cells. These old earth, evolutionist researchers ran six different tests, attempting to prove they were not red blood cells. But all the tests came back positive, causing panic for mainstream earth scientists; though predictably, the test results were not front-page news, as the other revelations of allegedly anomalous organic presence were not.

Dinosaur bones have been discovered in Alberta, Canada that are encased within ironstone nodules. “The nodules prevented water from invading the bones which, for all intents and purposes, cannot be distinguished from modern bones.”

Bones have been found in northern Alaska for decades which until recently were assumed to be of buffalos because they are so fresh looking and un-fossilized. When scientists arrived and analyzed the bones, they determined the bones were of duck-billed dinosaurs. Fresh, unmineralized dinosaur bones totally defy the notion that they are millions of years old. Most dinosaur bones discovered contained the original bone that should have randomly decomposed over the hypothesized millions of years of their burial within the sedimentary strata. The presence of organic material in the specimen described in this chapter defies the hypothesis of dinosaur extinctions 65 millions years ago, as do the hundreds of “dragon” encounters with humans noted in the previous chapter. These contradictions shall be resolved as we look further into the available evidence.

King James I was indeed a man of color, a so-called blackman, he was a descendent of the ancient Scots who were Israelites whose forefathers had migrated out of the Middle East into Europe during the Assyrian Empire. Black people originally inhabited Scotland the land where his family hailed from. The proof for blacks in Scotalnd (and in Europe during the Dark Ages ) is presented within the book Ancient and Modern Britons by David MacRitchie.(BY: Kephrem_ I've personally met a white woman from England who told us that what we (the Israelite Church of God in Jesus Christ) say of King James is true (to the astonishent of the crowd we were teaching at the time, which coincidenatlly included a elderly blackman that resembled his true image to a tee) adding that she's seen his true image in London showing that he was black. In the book Nature Knows No Color Line J.A. Rogers (a noted black historian) presents more proof of blacks in RULERSHIP in Europ

e in the Middle Ages, including the Moors of Yorkshire, Black Christian Israelite Royalty of Great Britain.

The Declaration of Arbroath tells you that the ancient Scots were Israelites. (descendents of Hebrews, from the middle east )

Most Holy Father and Lord, we know and from the chronicles and books of the ancients we find that among other famous nations our own, the Scots, has been graced with widespread renown. They journeyed from Greater Scythia by way of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Pillars of Hercules, and dwelt for a long course of time in Spain among the most savage tribes, but nowhere could they be subdued by any race, however barbarous. Thence they came, twelve hundred years after the people of Israel crossed the Red Sea, to their home in the west where they still live today.


When William Shakespear was writing these stories

about Moors, he was not writing about a people outside of himself.. HE WAS WRITING ABOUT HIS OWN PEOPLE.. EVERYTHING IS COMING OUT..


Entire FABRICATION !!! Scholars apologize for attributing Western democracy to a make-believe civilization. A group of leading historians held a press conference at the National Geographic Society to announce they had "entirely fabricated" ancient Greece, a culture long thought to be the intellectual basis of Western civilization.

The group acknowledged that the idea of a sophisticated, flourish

ing society existing in Greece more than two millennia ago was a complete fiction created by a team of some two dozen historians, anthropologists, and classicists who worked nonstop between 1971 and 1974 to forge "Greek" documents and artifacts.

"Honestly, we never meant for things to go this far," said Professor Gene Haddlebury, who has offered to resign his position as chair of Hellenic Studies at Georgetown University. "We were young and trying to advance our careers, so we just started making things up: Homer, Aristotle, Socrates, Hippocrates, the lever and fulcrum, rhetoric, ethics, all the different kinds of columns—everything.

The Singing stones and healing frequencies of ancient Kemet/Egypt

Strabo, the Greek geographer noted in that the 27 BC earth quake had ruptured the northern quartz Colossus of Memnon at Thebes – yet still continued to ‘sing’ as it had done every morning since its construction by Amenhotep 3rd from the 14th century BC.

These two statues were constructed under Amenhotep 3rd in 1350 BC to flank the eastern entrance to his devotional temple at ancient Thebes on the west bank of the Nile opposite modern Luxor – standing 60 feet high.


At his Theban temple — open to his people to serve their daily devotion to him as a living god, his priestly calculations had the temple portals with these flanking Colossi face due East to capture the moment of sunrise. The Rising of sun-god Ra triggered a devotional sound in the stone, its ringing amplified through the temple which would have caused the whole foundation to vibrate and a demonstration of the Amenhotep’s ability to harness the power of the sun.


Both Greeks and Romans were drawn to its supposed oracular ability to voice and believed that good fortune attended anyone hearing the tone. The Greeks fondly dubbed them Colossi of Memnon, after their hero of the Trojan war and referred to the entire Theban Necropolis as the Memnonium. It was 14thC BC Egyptian technology however, that produced the frequencies heard from the hewn quartzite sandstone quarried at Cairo and transported 420 miles upstream to Thebes to face the sun at the temple entrance due east, knowing of the sun’s ability to transmute quartzite crystals so that they emit sound as the sun’s disk rose at dawn. Not only did Amenhotep create a portal for the first light of day to penetrate his temple, but in its rising the Sun triggered a sacred hum of healing sound.


The legend of the voicing Memnon’s oracular powers spread through Aegean, Mediterranean and Roman culture — the length of the then known world — bringing a stream of visitors, followers, Roman Emperors, generals and Greek historians, who came to marvel and hear the statue ‘speak’. But mysterious vocalizations of the broken colossus ceased in AD199, when Roman Emperor Septimius Severus, in an attempt to curry favour with the Oracle, reassembled the two shattered halves, using stone from a different limestone quarry to replace the broken torso. It never spoke again.

Roman engineers decided to move the colossal stones to save them from flooding which threatened the ground on which the temple stood. They moved the statues to their present site [out of alignment] which meant that they were no longer face directly into the sun which was Amenhotep’s intention. They also attempted to repair the statues and replaced the quartz with a sub-standard limestone which failed.


It is now scientific probability that similar sonic and electrical qualities were harnessed by earlier Kings of the Old Kingdom pyramids: the Giza plateau in particular is singled out for resonance and its dramatic ability to capture solar fluctuations. It is no coincidence that those three quartzite pyramids set on their limestone plateau are built on an exact scale representation of three stars in Orion’s belt, Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. Other pyramid complexes in the riverine Band of Peace mirror star positions: on a celestial ‘landscape’ with Orion’s belt at Giza, Heliopolis [in the south] reflects the constellation Leo [sphinx god] and Abusir in the north represents the Pleiades star cluster over Orion’s head. Scale was calculated with remarkable accuracy. This earthly triangle of energy mirroring three celestial clusters in a heavenly triangle helped keep track of Sothis/Sirius, the Dog Star in the middle and brightest star in the night sky, whose reappearance after 70 days of invisibility below the Egyptian horizon was cause for celebration — coinciding with the annual inundation of the Nile, return of fertility, plentiful water, abundant food supply.

Indigenous wisdom-keeper and Egyptian Elder Abd’El Hakim Awyan, who died in 2009, firmly believed in his ancestors’ powers to manipulate electromagnetic currents and conduit solar forces to produce technology greater than we have today.


At Saqqara, in Old Kingdom capital Memphis, the House of the Spirit at the base of the Step Pyramid of Djozer [2667-2648 BC] was a place of healing sound. Chambers in this temple were harmonically tuned to different frequencies, creating huge fields of harmonic resonance, just as later Gothic cathedrals filled sacred geometry with sound.

The Giza plateau is solid chalk and all three pyramids, ’15 million tons of quarried stone’ were constructed of limestone, two with a granite casing and pink Aswan granite interior, while the largest/earliest, the Great Pyramid, most significantly consisted of dolomite: carboniferous limestone with a high magnesium content. It also has interior galleries lined with granite. Its final outer layer was coated with limestone dust so smooth that it glistened and gleamed white in the sun. All were sited to witness sunrise at both summer and winter solstices

Lets remove the lies behind "nappy hair".. the word nappy hair was never use to describe the texture of the African hair prior to the 1600's the original meaning of the word "nappy" meaning "downy".

Downy means something that is resembling

down..if you look at the word nappy, the root word is nap means to relax, to sleep.. so if you look at the European texture of their hair, they fit the descri

ption more than the African.. their hair is down, droopy.. so their hair is nappy..The African hair is not nappy til they straighten their hair and put a chemical in the hair called RELAXer..Whats the root word for relaxer, relax.. its the same meaning as nap..The oppressor had to convince the Africans that their hair is an abomination so they can change the texture of their hair, they knew if they change the texture of their hair they will always remain weak and submissive, cause they knew the power of their hair..

The African hair, the woolly natural hair is the antenna which YAH communicates to them. So when you change the texture of your hair, YAH can't communicate to you..the transmission will come to u as static.. Have you every see the Prophets such as Daniel, Jeremiah, etc.. Messiahs such as Moses, Noah, Yeshua, etc.. Liberators such as Malcolm X, Bantu Biko, Marcus Garvey, etc with hair that relax..absolutely not..When Malcolm X had his hair relax, he was weak, insignificant, until he cut it off and have his natural hair grow that is when he started to get stronger like Samson.. Hair that are relax is consider nappy and hair that coils and kinky is consider as Hair of the Gods.


This should give people an example of just how long

SO-CALLED Blacks have been on this continent. Please, don't waste my time trying to debate be on which so-called race created this.. Go and research

Genetics.. End of story..

In 1912, two employees who were shoveling coal in the Municipal Electric Plant in Thomas, Oklahoma, broke apart

a larger chunk for the furnaces when, to the surprise of both men, an iron pot fell of the chunk. Several experts subsequently examined the iron pot and it was declared to be genuine. The imprint of the pot could also still be clearly seen in the broken chunks of coal that had encased it. According to Robert O. Fay of the Oklahoma Geological Survey, the Wilburton mine coal in which the pot was found is about 312 million years old. Be careful with these people presenting to you these migration stories..

Did You Know That California Was Named After a Black Queen?

by Kwaku Person-Lynn, Ph.D

It is well documented that of the 44 people who founded the City of Los Angeles, 26 were of Afrikan descent. What is amazing, and not taught in California schools, the majority of the founders of San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego were of Afrikan descent, or that Orange County, Beverly Hills and Malibu wer

e once owned by people of Afrikan descent. The Picos, Black Spanish speaking brothers, Pio and Andres, the former twice California governor, owned San Fernando Valley, Whittier and the Camp Pendleton area.

California is in the media everyday. It is incredible most California residents know nothing about the state being named after a Black Woman.

The genesis of the name begins with a story read by Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez, who conquered Mexico, killed Montezuma, ended the Aztec empire before entering Baja California, continuing his search for gold.

The 17th century best-selling adventure story was written by a Spaniard named Garci Ordonez de Montalvo and published in Seville in 1510. The name of the book was "The Exploits of Esplandian" and it was written as a sequel to the popular Portuguese poem, "Amadis de Guala."

(Wanda Sabir, San Francisco Bay View).

The following is an excerpt from the epic that inspired Cortez, featuring a nation composed entirely of fierce, powerful, wealthy black women.

"Know ye that on the right hand of the Indies there is an island called California very near to the Terrestrial Paradise, which was inhabited with black women, without a single man among them, and that they lived in the manner of the Amazons. They were robust of body, with strong and passionate hearts and great virtues. The island itself is one of the wildest in the world on account.Their weapons were all made of gold. The island everywhere abounds with gold and precious stones, and upon it no other metal was found" . The commanding Queen Califia ruled this mythical island.

Conducting an interview with John William Templeton, California historian and author of the four volume set, Our Roots Run Deep: The Black Experience In California started on the journey of digging up the history of Blacks in California through a conversation with a San Francisco radio host.

"I was doing a story on Rodney King for the Mercury News, and while I was down there someone said that a black man used to own the San Fernando Valley. That was Pio de Jesus Pico (1801-1894). And then I found out that he was also the last Mexican governor of California. I didn't know of any black governors or anything, so I called into the Ray Taliaferro show (on KGO news radio, San Francisico) and said to him, 'Did you know that there were four black and said to him, 'Did you know that there were four black governors of the state of California?' He said, 'That ain't nothing, the whole damn state is named after a black woman."

According to the story, California was an island where only Black women lived, gold was the only metal and pearls were as common as rocks. The women were the most powerful and could be ferocious women in the world. They had beasts that were half men half birds. After mating with men, the women would feed the men to these beasts called griffins. When Cortez arrived in California, searching for this mythical

queen, her influence on him was so severe, he paid tribute to this powerful Black woman "Queen Califia" by naming the state after her. California literally means, "the land where black women live".

Here painting can be found in the state capitol Calfornia Senate building in Sacramento; a mural painted in 1926 by Maynard Dixon and Frank von Sloun in the Hall of the Dons at the Intercontinental Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco; and in all places, a large painting of her resides on the wall of the Golden Dreams building at the Disney California Adventure in Orange County. Unfortunately, on the Great Seal of the State of California, we have Miniver instead of Califia, because Miniver was the Greek goddess who was born full grown, and more acceptable to the Europeans who settled in the state. None of this matters though. At the end of the day, when all the historians and anthropologists attempt to day, when all the historians and anthropologists attempt to

spin this story in another direction, the conclusion will still come down to one dynamic detail: California was named for a Black Woman Queen.

Kwaku Person-Lynn is the author of On My

Journey Now - The Narrative And Works Of Dr. John Henrik Clarke The Knowledge Revolutionary. E-mail address:

Only the devil would kidnap and buy people to build up his country.. Only the devil would use fresh newborn babies as bait to catch alligators.. Only the devil would kill off a whole race for land(Native Americans) and kill another(Jews) for no reason.. Only the devil would rape mothers in front of their husbands and children, forcing them to watch... Only the devil would strap a person to four be

nding trees; one leg to one, the other leg to another, one arm to one, and the other arm to another, let the person loose and watch their bodies rip apart, blood and guts into the sky.... Only the devil would tie a woman's hands behind her back, stuff a long wick dynamite inside of her vagina, and chant for the explosion, while forcing hundreds of her people to watch.... Only the devil would get dressed in fancy clothing, call all friends and families, drag wives, mothers, daughters, brothers and sisters of their victim to watch them hang and die. Only the devil would call it a picnic and a bar b q.. Only the devil would let the bodies rot in the sun, get eaten by bugs and birds, and let the bodies hang til the tree couldn't hold anymore.. Only the devil would hang a pregnant woman upside down from a tree, cut out her baby, and stomp it to death while whooping the woman to watch... Only the devil would make a people hate themselves and keep aLL jobs from them.. Only the devil would put his face on God and put people in a spiritual slavery..... Who would LIE, STEAL, KILL, AND DESTROY??? Only the devil would...How could you expect me to forget what they did to my Great Grand Mother, Great Grand Father, Great Uncles and Aunts??? They did aLL of this to our people!! And you expect me to forget?? You think things have CHANGED??????? No, they are still killing us with; food, medical marijuana, prescription drugs, crack cocaine, the media, abortions, lack of resources, chem-trails, spiritual bondage and many more tactics!! Who would end this aLL??? The ONE< THE ALL POWERFUL, UNIVERSAL, ALL MIGHTY GOD MIND, THE TRUE CREATOR OF ALL LIFE.

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