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MELONOS…. was the term used by ancient non racist white folks called greeks to indicate how black these africans in egypt were. also these same greeks called the male black the negro and the female negress which also means black. MELANIN IN THE MEDICAL FIELD IS THE COLOR FOR BLACK. the end of the world is here.

All whites are now getting a chance to see that black is really important. melanin is a life saver. white people who hate blacks, i wonder how they feel when they have to take a black pill. instead of burning your skin they can take a black pill now for protection.i regard the sun as the light. the only people who are scared of the light are whites.

They are the only ones who really need protection from something that gives life. with out the light there is no life. in this book that was written years ago the author said that whites will manufacture melanin pills. guess what. in europe they are manufacturing melanin pills.

I love my black skin i love my melanin and maybe thats why we are so much more graceful than all others. maybe melanin is the reason why blacks are the most immitated of all human beings on this planet.

Every day i see more and more whites immitating culture that is not theirs especially black culture. its not the culture they want they want your souls, they want your melanin…..

whites are the only and first ones to make a color issue. so it was up to scientists like this one and many more to seek the truth and findings in a book like this does tell a good story and yes we are different but the white man seems to think he is better. White skin people are the minority of the earth this book will let you know. melanin is only in the eyes and hair of whites. melanin is allthroughout black and brown bodies. so when they use the cave man theory to say whites came first thats a lie. Whites are the minority of the earth and could not of produced more black or browns than themselves. MELANIN GET THIS BOOK. i hope you liked my review.

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