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melanin what they fear

I moved to Atlanta in 1995…1 year before the Olympics. The year after the Olympics, I noticed a lot of different areas where Black people were living…..had been abandoned. Whole apartment complexes with furniture and clothing strewn everywhere, even cases of baby diapers and other items.

Now I wasn’t as conscious as I am now, but I knew something just wasn’t right about what I was seeing. Did a little research, started asking some questions, I found out about a little known project, that former President Jimmy Carter signed a bill on, in 1979, and that project had to do with the study of Melinan….not plant based Melinan or that of Animals,OUR MELINAN.

So let me cut to the chase, in 1986 there were studies that showed the rise of the Melinan inside of us, would wipe out the intruders…. within a 10 year span, if it were not stopped. The only way to do that, was to kill those with Melinan.

The Government has been Killing our people for years now, and using the bodies, especially the Pineal glands to make up their Melatonin products, everything from sunscreen to sleep aids to meat products!

The project former President Carter signed, allowed for the Universities, W.H.O., CDC, Pharmacuetical companies, even Coca-Cola, to put a patent on our Genes. Anytime they got/get ready they can come into the Black community and shut down whole neighborhood’s, round up the people and take them away. There’s much more to what I’m telling you all.

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