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Melanin is not only about skin color. Scholars focus on that to hide all its greatness because it benefits Africans.

There is melanin in all strategic parts of the human body. Take notes .

There is melanin in the eyes that causes us to absorb more colors than any other people. And combine them differently.

The melanin in the ears allows us to absorb more sounds that any other people. It also allows us to combine them differently. That’s why African music is so special. This is not an accident. That’s not a coincidence.

The melanin in our taste buds, allows us to taste the full flavor of foods and absorb more taste. That’s why we combine our foods differently.

Being aware of who we are is very important. We’ve all noticed some of these specificities about Africans all over the world. But we could not explain why. And that’s because we lack knowledge of self.

We have to study ourselves to become aware of our specificities. The only way is to re-become the Africans we are supposed to be.

The mind and the body must be in allignment for us to reach the level of our ancestors. The beliefs within the mind and the diet must be adapted to who we are supposed to be.

When you don’t know your true worth, someone who knows it will use that advantage to manipulate and exploit you.

Don’t expect them to tell you the truth about you if it makes you look better. That’s common sense.

It’s time to know who WE ARE.


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