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This is a picture of "Medusa"... The mythical "Woman," one third of the "Triple Goddess", known as "The Crone".... Depicted with "Snakes" for hair who could turn you into stone at glance... Many saw this figure in films as a "Caucasian" but what most aren't aware of, is that this was indeed an "African Woman".... and her Hair is what we call "Dread Locks"... Here's a bit of "Herstory" on the "Triple Goddess" in particularly "Medusa"... Who she is, and what she represents. "The Libyan Triple Goddess Anatha had three aspects: Athena, the Maiden, Metis, the Mother, and Medusa, the Crone. Anatha’s Maiden aspect Athena was the Goddess of the waxing crescent moon. Like Her Amazon priestesses She wore a goatskin chastity tunic, which was the original aegis that would later be adopted by the Olympian Greeks for their version of Athena. The original African Athena represented independence, youthful exuberance and growth, Her particular attributes being strength, courage and valour. Metis was the Mother aspect of the Triple Moon Goddess. She, too, would later be adopted into the Classical Greek pantheon as the mother of Athena who was swallowed whole by Zeus while She was pregnant with Her daughter. Like all Full Moon Goddesses Metis was originally associated with fertility and motherhood. MEDUSA, THE CRONE or DARK MOON aspect of Anatha, was the most powerful of the three. She was the Wise One, the Keeper of the Dark Moon Mysteries, the Goddess of Death and Rebirth. Like Her Amazon priestesses Medusa wore a leather pouch around Her waist that contained live snakes representing wisdom and renewal. She carried with Her the original Gorgon mask or Gorgoneion whose purpose was to frighten off the uninitiated and thus help protect the secrecy surrounding the magic of the dark moon. The mask was painted red to symbolise the power of the menstrual blood. It had gruesome glaring eyes, bared fanged teeth and, like the Hindu Goddess Kali, a protruding tongue. [1] Medusa’s face was once synomymous with divine female wisdom. In ancient Libya She was linked to divination, healing, magic and the sexual serpent mysteries associated with death and renewal. To invoke Her wisdom Her priestesses would wear Medusa’s mask and celebrate the sexual rites with the representatives of the sea gods" I dusted this one out of Dr. Natural Tahuti, vault and will share the commentary attached to this picture below... Enjoy family~ "Medusa’s Head Has Been Restored; It really pisses me off to see that our culture is being honored by European women and I am busing my ass to show you That the Black woman is God,and all I get from a butch of ratchet ass so-called conscious people is venom and hatred. Both women and men!!! However to those who are waking up I commend those who get it. Here's the report: On March 22, 2012, Medusa’s head was reattached in ceremony. From the esoteric perspective, this event was real and has had ripple effects throughout the time/space hologram. You are invited to participate in and reinforce this critical re-membering through what follows. Your own actions will similarly have real effects that will contribute to the healing of the Feminine and the entire fabric of world reality. The invitation is open to people of all genders. The setting for this event was my Divine Birth Mystery Teachings program, held that Thursday evening in El Cerrito, CA. For nearly a decade now, I had felt called to perform this sacred act in concert with other women, and my module on Athena seemed the right time. The ritual was created by Kathy Stanley and assisted by Elizabeth Fogge, with participation from all of the women in the program. Kathy had designed a cloth effigy of Medusa, had ritually beheaded her in her own private ceremony, and had brought the pieces and laid them out before us on an altar. Then, she invited each of us to come up, take the needle and thread, and offer several stitches to reattach her head at the neck, as everyone chanted, drummed, and rattled. At the end, we collectively uttered ululations, also known as the ololugué in ancient Greek, or the Arabic zagarit — a trilling cry made with the tongue that was part of the worship of Athena. The deed was (un)done. At last. The Significance of the Be/Re-Heading Many of us have been absolutely horrified by the story of Medusa’s head being cut off by the so-called hero Perseus, and then buried in the marketplace at Argos. We know there is something here that is terribly pernicious for women. Much has been written about it, and I won’t go into detail except to say that through my own careful research I have come to the conclusion that Medusa was a living historical warrior priestess/queen of the tribe known as the Gorgons in North Africa. I provide all of the textual support for that assertion in my book The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece, in the chapter on Athena. I have also come to the conclusion that Medusa was a priestess of divine birth in dedication to Athena, and that this is what the story about her “rape” by the god Poseidon in Athena’s temple, and her subsequent pregnancy with Pegasus and Chrysaor, is really all about… So, in Medusa’s beheading we are dealing with the tremendous disempowerment of one of our most potent ancestors, a living high holy ruler who was brought to shattering and humiliating defeat at the hands of the encroaching patriarchal establishment. The shockwaves of that story have continued to be felt for millennia. And the act has been perpetrated and re-perpetrated in numerous stories and films, re-enlivening what amounts to the beheading of all women, over and over again, through verbal and visual repetition. Beware such tales and films on the energetic level. But women have now literally taken the matter into their own hands. With the enactment of this reparatory ritual on March 22, we have set in motion the re-memberment of this ancestor, and thus the reversal of her story. With that, we have set into motion the reversal of the story of all women’s disempowerment. Take that in for a moment… How You Can Help with the Cosmic “Do Over” and Future Seeding At Seven Sisters Mystery School, we are putting out the call for a global “Medusa Re-Memberment Activation.” This means we are inviting people all over the world to enact your own Medusa re-heading rituals so as to energetically reinforce and affirm this “do-over” of history. We envision this activity as a new kind of “Vagina Monolgues” for the post-2012 rebirth era. We inspire you to create pageants, performance art, and social action around such rituals. We are also inviting you to engage in a periodic three-minute meditation that is very simple: Close your eyes, and see Medusa before you. Visualize her kundalini track being fully restored from her yoni all the way up and out to the tips of her snakey hair, strengthened like a nerve being restored. The effect is magnified if you do it in a group. In reinforcing this vision, you participate not only in re-membering Medusa, but also in restoring the kundalini circuit among the chakras for yourself and ALL women. And that means you join in the great worldwide project to help women reintegrate mind and body, sexuality and spirituality, heaven and earth. It’s 2012, and it’s time to get busy. Don’t sit idly by merely lamenting the abuses of patriarchy. Close your eyes and create the change through the incredible power of your visioning mind. Your efforts WILL positively influence our future..

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