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Manifesting your dreams

To me and for me manifesting the thing or things that you want in life starts in the mind that when spoken or shared is multiplied into and onto the hearts of those whom you feel will care and help you reach your goal and finally thru your actions based on what you do to bring it into fruition from your mind to reality.

MANIFESTING…..I dont know how this might be received but im going to write it in hopes of it sinking deep into your psyche so that it makes sense and that it becomes a part of you.

For example it takes on average 8 yrs to complete grade school and another 4 to complete high school but there are exceptions to the rule for there are really bright people who graduate and receive a doctorate from a university, but im not talking about them just the average child adult.

When you were going through this process of schooling and graduating you and I had it in our minds and heart to finish that schooling and through the drudgery of the daily weekly and yearly struggle and fight to MANIFEST it and through our actions we finished and accomplished the deal RIGHT.

With that being said it makes sense to say that everything that you may want to manifest into your life TAKES time and the recipe for success is the determination to see it through completion no matter what it may beeeeee.

So now what if you want to be a rap star or scientist or doctor or a millionaire hhhmmmm just take a hard honest look at your abilities and gauge the situation to determine HOW BADLY do you really want it and whats involved to get it and research what IT will take to MANIFEST it into your life.

For example Kevin Hart is a very successful actor comedienne making 70 million dollars a yr but it took 18 long yrs to get there hahahah IT WASNT an overnight success (ie Pursuit of happiness movie starring will smith the guy struggled BUT was determined until the end.

So again what will it take to make it do you have the stamina and determination to STICK with it when the tough gets going do you have the skill and talent to make your own mark that attracts people to you and separates you from the crowd.

So whatever it is all things must be realized overtime and all things start in your mind and through careful cultivation of positive thoughts spoken through with positive words and through positive actions all dreams can be realized so dont pay attention to HOW long it will take ENJOY the journey and love what you do and allow the passion for what you do DRIVE you to the finish line of your dreams, that is the gas that will allow you to power the car of your dreams and allow it to appear easy and fun because you will not see it as WORK but a love affair with your dream of dreams until you reach your goal.

So above all you must have faith and the WILL to overcome whatever obstacle that may stand in your way.

Faith consist of believing and knowing I have faith that i can tie my shoes and ride a bike without doubt crreeeeping up into my mind BECAUSE I KNOW how to do it because I BELIEVE that i CAN due to someone planting the seed of faith in me about riding a bike or tying my shoes and that noone could come to me with bullshit to say isaiah you fool you cant dooooo that.

Along with this you need knowledge wisdom and understanding these are the three most precious gems of GOD which solomon prayed for and received which gives you the POWER to manifest things with ease.

Knowledge is intelligence of what you want to MANIFEST into your life wisdom is the discernment of what you want and understanding is the heartfelt deeply divine FEELING that with the knowledge and wisdom YOU can achieve the dream of yourlife no matter what happens therefor doubt and his children the 7 deadly sins of greed gluttony sloth envy pride wrath and lust will be vanquished with ease.

A good example people in general have KNOWLEDGE of wearing a seatbelt wisdom says to put it on and the UNDERSTANDING is that it can save your life.

So with all this being said you must be happy first happiness means doing the thing or things in yourlife that gives you meaning purpose sense of direction and fulfillment and when you have that understanding firmly rooted in your heart soul and mind than youll have 20-20 vision to pursue your goals to bring them into reality with out selling your soul to the devil by losing your character integrity for coins.

As you grow in the maturity of whats being said you will also discover the POWER of GOD that dwelled in you all this time and those are the power of the virtues honor, integrity frugality, responsibility, kindness and soo on and so forth.

So thats my take on manifesting sorry for the long haul speech like TRUMP i have words pretty words good words hahahahha and dont forget to GRAB em by the PUSSY

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