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As you get older you and your white friends fade from each other. As their history and pride is tied to your denigration of course Blacks who rebel in the Anti- Global Blackness will stay in that tight circle. If you are not clueless to this caste system and speak on it those light/white friends will fade away as despite the fact you don’t directly attack them to call out Eurocentric debauchery to them feels like you are attacking them. And rightfully so, as for you to rise up they must fall this is also why mentally ill Blacks attack you or distance themselves from you for speaking facts. It does not care, fuck America’s fuck Australia, Fuck Europe and I would be honored to be labeled a terrorist by any of these entities one day. They’ve come after me hard this last year and a half but for I’ll take every last travesty they put on me to teach and speak the truth. If you truly are a revolutionary you’ll never die as the deeds you do for your people will speak you into existence long after you are gone. I was brought into this world to tear this beast down and I will do so till the last breath has left my body!

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