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lily white

1854-1865 = In the year 1854, the pale women often referred to as the (Daughters of the Revolution) endorsed the artistic painting of themselves and sons, called “Christ and Mary” and established the new doctrine of the only begotten “Son of God and its Mother Mary,” by force, intrigue, ignorance, cruelty, seduction, bloodshed and destruction. Here the foundation of “Christ” was well laid in the Union of 1865. This was followed by well trained Missionary workers carrying the banner of the image “Son” and its “Mother” doctrine across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, supported by military force of the Order of Rome. Thereby the false doctrine of the pale son “Christ” was established in the four angles of the Earth. This enabled the Daughters of the Revolution to remain neutral; while the pale men seduced the helpless Moorish women at home, and abroad, so as to perpetuate the “lily white” Nations of Rome during the past 163 years from today(2017).

-The picture of the pale son image and its Mother equal the power of ten thousand words in the name of the evil tradition of pale superiority – when placed before the blond children ( ranging between 6 and 9 years of age ) gave them a false conception of white supremacy, before they have been taught to read which grows up in them.

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