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The Black Population of the World “Unfortunately there are still Negroes in the world, so simple-minded that they truly believe that the same Albino people who enslaved them, and murdered them, and taught them that they were only just Slaves; Can then on the other hand, be trusted to tell them their true numbers in population, and in fact, their true power. Stockholm syndrome comes to mind.” –– “As a reminder, in the “Election 2016” page, by carefully analyzing the numbers from the 2008, 2012, and 2016, United States Presidential elections, we discovered that THIS Albino propaganda was a Lie! –– Africa contains 54 sovereign countries with people speaking over 3,000 different languages. These represent the oldest and most genetically diverse Humans in the world. (The San being the oldest currently existing). –– QUESTION: HOW CAN IT BE THAT AFRICA, A TEEMING WITH PEOPLE LAND MASS, BIGGER THAN CHINA, EUROPE, AND THE UNITED STATES ALL PUT TOGETHER: WOULD HAVE ONLY 22% OF THEIR COMBINED POPULATION??? (Thinking about the Sahara? Don’t, they all have large deserts. Besides, people live in the Sahara). Clearly this is another Albino lie, lets see if we can divine a truer population of Africa using related data. –– The average population density of China and India is 696.55 people per square mile. Using that number for proportionality, Africa’s population would actually be closer to 8,127,725,019 people. –– WITHOUT SETTLING ON ANY PARTICULAR NUMBER, WE CAN SEE ONE THING CLEARLY: THE ALBINO’S ARE LYING! Why is that important? It was, and STILL is, a Black, Black, World. But the current rulers of the World are a people FEW in number, with a poor ability to reproduce themselves. (And unbridled Violence can only get them so far…) THAT is why the Albinos create so many lies about Black populations. (the number of White people in the world is very small; World Wide there is only about 800 million to 1 Billion Whites (Albinos) actually, that is only about 10 % of the Worlds Human population. This is of course a great surprise to all Blacks who have been called “Minorities” by these Albinos. Blacks (those of Negroid and Caucasoid phenotype), are of course the “Original Humans” and number over 5 billion of the Worlds 8 billion people. The truth of this statement is “Self-evident” by this fact.)” –– Read more:

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