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THE BLUEPRINT FOR CATCHING EUROPEANS LIARS The Garifuna People Based upon the fact that they have been able to maintain Isolation Hence a great extent of their culture, therefore, they are one of the very few melanated groups in the America’s who were able to maintain their oral history which states that the Europeans found them on the American continent.. Based upon the fact that the Europeans do not want to draw attention to them especially from the rest of the Indigenous people denationalized as descendants of African slaves, they have quietly listed them as descendants of Carib, Arawak and West African run away slaves.. Now, lets examine this for a minute…… If they were descendants of West Africans run a ways, Carib’s, and Arawak based upon what the Europeans have told us the Arawak’s and Carib’s were, it would mean that they would be 1/3 so-called Black right?? Because they have got the ignorant to think that Caribs and Arawak’s were Mongoloid red Man native Americans?? Right??? But the problem is that they DO NOT look like a mixed group of people.. OOOPS.. OOOPS… again…. OOOPS… They look like straight up Naga’s (ancient word).. A LOT of them pitch dark.. They are a predominantly dark skinned people which would not happen if these things that they have told us were true.. Listen people, what they do not tell you about Arawak’s, Caribs is that they were actually so-called Black people and as an attempt to denationalize them they have thrown in the typical west African slave non-sense.. People who do not study the fact that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was actually about Europe getting rid of the peasants who were predominant in Europe at that time will really believe these poisons fed to our people.. The Trans-Atlantic slave trades or slavery on this continent is not at all what those who do not study think that it was.. People need to understand that when the Europeans were coming to the America’s their goals were to take over these land masses by any means necessary. Therefore, they took Melanated people in the America’s, transfer them to another region of the America’s and forced them to accept the lie that they had taken them from Africa.. Don’t tell me that a people who have committed such atrocities towards humanity would not commit just a simple lie of denationalizing.. These people are on their ancestral land, AND I AM JOYFUL THAT THEY KNOW.. Melanated People need to study.. THE REAL THRACIANS A group of Indo-European tribes inhabiting a large area in Central and Southeastern Europe. They spoke the Thracian language – a scarcely attested branch of the Indo-European language family. The study of Thracians and Thracian culture is known as Thracology.. Regional Archaeological Museum in Plovdiv, Bulgaria THE ORIGINAL OTTOMAN’S Now, in school they basically got us to think that the word Slave means Africans, right? But as we all know, the word comes from the fact that a caucasoid people known as the SLAVS were in so much bondage that the act itself was named after them.. Now, when we think of the Turks, who do we think about? Most people think pale people but the problem is that the original Turks were not Pale and in fact the original Turks were THE HEAVIEST INVOLVED out of all the different Moorish groups in CAUCASOID ENSLAVEMENT.. I would like everyone to research two things Slavery in the Ottoman Empire and afterward so-called “Afro-Turks” and you will see exactly what I am talking about.. In fact, as late as WWI caucasians were still being enslave by the Turks who were becoming more bleached up because of the heavy envolvement in enslavement.. The reason why Turkish culture is so heavily caucasoid looking today is because of how humane the Turks were in their enlsavement activities.. A slave within original Turkish system was treated so humanely that they could easily achieve high status, and I mean VERY very high status.. Of course, given an opportunity like this the caucaoids that were being shipped from all over the place such as Iceland, Georgia, Armenia, Germany, Circassia, etc took advantage of it.. Yeah, it was that extreme… The Turks actually did not care much about enslaving the Africans, their thing was Caucasoids aka Christian Slaves… Though we had some prisoners of wars… So, the Modern Turks are actually descendants of Slaves.. Slaves of the ancestors of the darker people that they seem to think was their slaves.. RESEARCH PEOPLE, SLAVERY DOES NOT MEAN AFRICANS

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