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Let me establish this first I don’t hate white men but I hate White Supremacy.

Majority of superheros are overwhelmingly White Men. “Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, The Hulk, etc…” That’s typical white supremacy shit, nothing really out the norm, however what’s ironic is that they are always portrayed as the “Saviors” of the earth in the films. Well history tells it different…

Recently this white guy said to me that its not fair that you guys have a “black history month” . I replied to him and said “you don’t need a white history month the whole country and education system is built on glorifying white history and preserving white culture.”

But maybe he was right? Maybe we should have a white history month though to be fair…

We should talk about the genocide of the native Americans, the enslavement and holocaust of Africans, the invasion and colonization of Africa, the exploitation of East Asian countries, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, the plagarism of African religions, and the list goes on ya know? Feel me on that? No? Ok cool.

Anyway anyone watch the Marvel superhero Black Panther? Did you see the episode when he kicked Captain America’s ass! That was Justice! I was like yoooo #BlackPower #BlackPowwa! #Wakanda

Enjoy your evening!

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