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less time more crime

95% of prosecutors and judges are white and 80% of police are white. White males get 20% less time for committing same offence as a Black man. Your average jury is 80% or better white.

The Just Us system isn’t broken in fact it’s working better then ever. Mind you we’ve only voted just over 50 of over 240 years of this officially being a country. Prior to this slavery, Black codes, Jim Crow and redlining districts plus loan discrimination was all legal. These methods and crimes against humanity are what solidified modern day Europeans with a monopoly and wealth created by indigenous.

The whole so called victory of being able to vote was only allowed once the fix was in. So now even if a non white became successful they had to go through white channels and after already netting over 100 trillion with 0 compensations for Blacks any success after this can now be accredited to whites.

You get 0 credit for building this nation not even in history books and now any achievements you make will attributed to whites. Now they simply racially stacked Just Us system built after hundreds of years of the worst crimes against humanity going unpunished and glorified as the amazing rise of America get to once again be the moral judge of character of the very people they committed the most unjust and immoral crimes of humanity.

Anybody elected to congress, judges seat etc job is to maintain and uphold this criminal empire of injustice. It doesn’t matter what so called race you elect to whatever seat you are fucked for lack of a better word. I see these young Blacks stating I’m supporting anybody who is Black fast on the path to medicroty again using the same mind frame whites use.

Fyi when Romans finally defeated the Carthegeneans it was a Nubian by the name of Massina who sold them out. Now mind you Romans came in all complexions but Nubians and Carthegeneans were 98% pure African. Once a person is elected they are part of criminal empire while no doubt many come in with good intentions that paycheck and their family being part of in crowd now trump you. Facts are old heads are not man enough to admit they mucked up.

Instead they want to pass the blame to the young folks who never stood a chance outside of being compliant and submissive to their own oppression. Get with your tribes create your own community’s and rules. Your own educational system, security etc. Jews would not have been okay with Nazi’s being their judges, prosecutors, police, teachers etc after 11 years of slavery, genocide and oppression so why shod Black people do so globally? Oh and fyi Jews, Japanese, Europe and white washed Natives all reparations while globally Africans got 0 and are still in the same system but even better. Why is history important because you ruled the world until 500 years ago thus why all claim your history and are compliant in you oppression.

This is why the powers that be are literally attacking every aspect of my life as knowledge of self will give you the self confidence coupled with your ability you can not be stopped. You are progenitors of all religions, science, art etc. Africans and Afrasians orchestrated and are the backbones of every civilization ever in the history of the world. Voting, marching etc will not get you from under this global system. Educations, strategy and war will. Malcolm X knew he stated the cost of freedom is death.

They have you so worried about dying we are literally birthing dead generations one after the other as being cowards we just offer up generation after generation to be this global system niggers with their best chance at actually living not just surviving is to be the best slave. Sorry I refuse to play that role I will keep speaking and teaching the truth as I know all our future generations are worth it and I’ll sacrifice whatever I have to so we can make our ancestors obvious monumental achievements to document our greatness in stone globally so we carry these great feats on like we are destined to do. The world knows who you are, look how hard they try to suppress it even coming up with terms like Black skinned whites.

Stop being cowards no success comes without sacrifice. We want the glory but dont even support our top historians financially initiated we give the church more money then any other entity for God to pick us up. Common sense God would not hinder you like so God would obviously want you to fight and sacrifice for the glory you deserve. This is why you have to stop listening to non indigenous interpretations of your ancestors words. Facts are tithes in Ancient times were used to build community but our religious leaders are mimicking oppressors system. I care not about glory or being popular just do not let my punishments by the powers that be for me doing what I do be in vein.

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