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· For those that are familiar…Just a very short 42 miles north of Atlanta beneath the very popular, man made lake Lanier; lies the city of Oscarville, Georgia. Oscarville was a thriving city that was predominantly Black-owned.

After the rape and beating of Mae Crow, an 18-year-old white woman, on September 8, 1912, an angry mob was formed and began tormenting the Black residents of Forsyth County, Georgia. 1,100 Black residents, fled from Oscarville in fear for their lives.The Buford Dam was created and flooded in order cover the city of Oscarville, GA and to create Lake Lanier.

In 2007, a major drought revealed the motor speedway that was a famous structure in the city of Oscarville, Georgia. The speedway also Lies Beneath Lake Lanier, along with several homes, Schools, Churches, buildings and a cemetery.The Corp of Civil Engineering decided to flood over this dry land and create a man-made lake in 1956 to cover the area’s history.Finally, a film has been created, to bring awareness to this piece of history that was meant to be forgotten.

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