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In response to Coon-ye West (Kanye West) slavery was not a choice! Look at all of these slave rebellions. This is evidence that our ancestors fought for their freedom: . The Stono Rebellion has a very interesting story because it was led by Jemmy the Angolan (Algonquian?). Well, Jemmy, is a Native-American Indian name and he was called Cato, which is short for a Tribe of Indians called the Catawbas. You also had a tribe of Indians called Chato/Kato/Cato. Cato is also from the Algonquian language and it is an Indian name. Google Cato Indian and you will see what I mean. Another hint that the Stono Rebellion was not African Slaves but, enslaved Algonquian Indians (Muurs), is the fact that the Wikipedia link above put emphasis on the phrase, “Native-Africans,” when the word African is enough by itself to identify one as Negro or Black: “The uprising was led by ‘native Africans’ who were likely from the Central African Kingdom of Kongo, as some of the rebels spoke Portuguese”[end quote]. It appears that the information was recently changed on the Internet from Native-American to Native-African, because the Internet is waking us up to fast. A lot of us realize that all Muurs (Blacks) did not come from Africa, and that Muurs were the first ones in the Americas and everywhere else too. More evidence that this information was changed is that you can read the book, “The Indian Slave Trade,” by Alan Gallay. The book is evidence of Indian slavery, and this book mentions Stono Rebellion as being a Native-American slave rebellion. The internet is good, but books are even better, because they can easily change information on the Internet, but information that is recorded in a book is a lot harder to change, because the book has to be revised/amended. Since the Indians were enslaved this means that the Indians were copper-colored people (Copper comes in 5 shades from dark to light tan) and were able to blend in with the enslaved copper-colored Africans. Most so-called Black people are copper-colored people and are therefore the real Americans (Amurru-Khans): According to the Webster 1936 Universal Dictionary, the word American is defined as “an Aboriginal or one of the various copper-colored natives found on the American Continents by the Europeans. The original application of the name was Amurru.” Another hint that the Stono Rebellion was not African Slaves but, enslaved Algonquian Indians is the fact that Jemmy the Angolan, lol, avoid the hijack, was a literate slave? How do you explain a literate (educated) slave in the 1700’s when reading and writing was forbidden? How do you explain the fact that Jemmy and the so-called slaves (prisoners of war) that helped him were skilled in weaponry and warfare and they even had a Flag? How do you explain the fact that they were heading to Fort Mose (Moses) in Florida to join forces with the Maroons (Seminoles) of Florida? If you ask yourself all of these questions and look at all of the evidence, Stono Rebellion was not a Native-African slave rebellion, but a Native-American, prisoner of war, Rebellion. They did not have to enslave any Africans from Africa when the Americas was already a Negro Continent: Evidence the the Ancient South America Indians were Muurs: . Evidence that the Ancient North American Indians were Muurs. Yes, Moors are Indians: Prophet Noble Drew Ali was even from the Cherokee Tribe. This evidence demonstrates that no European could have ever discovered the Americas when the Americas was a Moorish continent from day one. The slave trade did happen, but it was greatly exaggerated, because America was already a Negro Continent; therefore, they did not have to take any slaves from Africa and bring them to America, but they did so just to sell the all Blacks come from Africa, only, story. This is the number of slaves brought to America (305,326): The Study came from Emory University makes sense if we look at all of the evidence. This post supports why I feel like the study is true: . I love Africa, but to be an African-American is to be an African without memory of your past, and an American whose history starts in the 1600’s with slavery from Africa. Now, with knowing all of this information, do you really want to be an African-American when over 85% of melaneted (Black) people in the Americas are not from Africa and have never been there? We have an alliance with Africa, because Africa is the land of Cush while the Americas is the land of Ham. (See Ancient map in this post). Ham was the father while Cush was the son, therefore, Americans and Africans are family. Africans need to stand up just like we are standing up in the Americas. We have our own problems to deal with too. The world follows the Western Blackamoors, because most of the trends, pop culture, music, and the inventions come from the Blackamoors/Hebrews/Egyptians/Blacks from the Americas. The so-called African-Americans are master builders because we invented over 90% of the world’s inventions and we built America. Now, do you understand why wealthy African royalty and Boule Masons are keeping this lie going that you only (blacks) come from Africa. This is done so some of the Master Builders (blacks) from the Americas can be convinced into moving to Africa. The entire Marcus Garvey Movement is a movement designed to get master builders (Blacks) to leave America and move to Africa to help rebuild Africa. Africans have all of the land and resources, but yet, need Countries like China and others to mine their resources, build their schools, and etc. Now, you see why Africans are talked about so much by European Nations, because Africa is the Richest country in the world, but Africans refuse to develop it. The rich African would rather Identify himself with a success, (as an African-American) and move to America, so he can really be an African-American. This is why Amurr-khans (Muurs) must raise its own Kings and Queens, because African leadership is already proven to be very, very, ineffective. African Kings and Queens can’t lead and raise up their own people, but they want to come to America, a land that my forefathers and foremothers built, fought, and died for. They come over here and want to run shit and some of them will even call so-called African-Americans a cotton picker. This does not apply to all African Royalty, because I have meet some humble African Royalty and I have some of them in my friends list. The true definition of a King is how he treats the average Joe/Jane that he comes in contact with. Peace.

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