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History of the Black Holy Roman Empire –– This painting (found in Karlstejn Castle) of a Black Knight, presumed to be Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV who built Karlstejn Castle in 1348. –– Did you know Knights were Black? Whites were not allowed as Knights. Knight, aka Black as the Night. –– There are hundreds of statues of medieval Black knights, mostly in ancient religious sites, all over Europe, and especially in Germany. Their “Coats of Arms” exist in the hundreds, perhaps thousands. Who then but a fool, would believe that all of those statues represent this one mythical Saint Maurice? –– The Albinos says they are: then again, they declare ALL Black knights to be Saint Maurice. They must of course, all be that one mythical Black Saint from Egypt, known to us from Roman tales some 1,300 years earlier. But by now, we should all be used to the Albinos degenerate lies. –– Knowing that the Albinos ALWAYS have a fake picture for every important Black person in history, we searched for it. And sure enough, there it was, complete with the laurel on his head. So now we know two things: those Black knights pictured were indeed REAL people having nothing to do with Saint Maurice – if there ever was such a person. And this particular Knights name is Ulrich von Hutten. –– The Albino victory in Europe did leave some loose ends for modern Albinos: all of those formerly Catholic churches with their statues and paintings of Black Saints and Madonna’s, which the lay people of the past would not allow to be destroyed. The solution was very simple: SAY THAT THE MADONNA’S ARE A NOVELITY, AND THE SAINTS ARE ALL SAINT MAURICE! –– Read more:…/History_of_the_Holy_Roman_Empire… Read more:…/ancie…/Misc/Art/Saint_Maurice.htm 147

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