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king louis the 14th was black

LOUISE MARIE-THÉRÈSE & HER FATHER KING LOUIS XIV – WHITEWASHED!!! According to historical documents and genealogies, King Louis XIV of France is said to have a Brown Skin complexion… Source; (James Peller Malcom, “Londinium Redivivum Or an Antient History and Modern Description of London, Compiled from Parochial Records, Archives of Various Foundations, the Harleian Mss. and Other Authentic Sources”; 1802) There is a portrait of Louise Marie-Thérèse in the Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève in Paris, France… According to the Société de l’histoire de Paris et d’Ile-de-France, the piece, which was created with pastels, was completed around 1680… The artist who made the portrait also painted 22 pictures of various Kings of France, from Louis IX to Louis XIV, during the years 1681 to 1683… Why would a king’s painter take the time to memorialize a Black nun if there wasn’t a very good reason for it???? Louise Marie-Thérèse was a French nun, the daughter of the Queen of France, Maria Theresa of Spain… Her existence is mentioned in several different sources.. Louise Marie-Thérèse (1664–1732) was a Benedictine nun in the abbey of Moret-sur-Loing… She was called the “Mauresse de Moret” (“Mooress of Moret”), and a portrait of her exists in the Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève in Paris.. A letter sent on June 13, 1685, by the Secretary of the House of King to Mister De Bezons, general agent of the clergy, and the pension’s patent of 300 pounds granted by King Louis XIV to the nun Louise Marie-Thérèse on October 15, 1695 “to be paid to her all her life in this convent or everywhere she could be, by the guards of the Royal treasure present and to come”

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