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CHARLES II & SLAVERY Charles II is described verbatim by his contemporaries in first hand historical accounts as a tall black man… “Charles the second was, in the popular language of the day, a tall black man” SOURCE;

(Norman Chevers, ‘An Enquiry into the circumstances of the Death of King Charles the Second’; 1861) Colonel George Gounter, helped Charles II to escape from England after the battle of Worcester…

“Colonel Gounter mentions that, shortly after the King had left Brighton, “soldiers came into the town to search for a tall black man, six feet two inches high,” meaning the King” SOURCES;

(Henry Cary, ‘Memorials Of The Great Civil War In England From 1646 To 1652 ; Edited From Original Letters In The Bodleian Library Volume 2’; 1842) (George Gounter, ‘The Last Act in the Miraculous Story of King Charles the Second's Escape Out of the Reach of His Tyrannical Enemies ... Now First Published from the Original MS’; 1846) (“A Narrative of The Adventures of Charles the Second after The Battle of Worcester”; 1859) His sons and grandson, are also described verbatim in first hand historical accounts as tall black men, and as having “black complexions”… COMPLEXION = the natural color, texture, and appearance of a person's SKIN especially of the FACE. DUKE OF NORTHUMBERLAND— “a tall, black man, like his father the King” DUKE OF GRAFTON— “grandson to King Charles II; a tall black man” CHARLES LENNOX, DUKE OF RICHMOND— “black complexion, much like King Charles” DUKE OF ST. ALBANS—“son to King Charles the Second, he is of a black complexion” SOURCE; (Memoirs of the Secret Services of John Macky, Esq., During the Reigns of King William, Queen Anne, and King George I. Including, Also, the True Secret History of the Rise, Promotions, & of the English and Scots Nobility, Officers, Civil, Military, Naval, and Other Persons of Distinction, from the Revolution, in Their Respective Characters at Large; 1733) These are undisputed facts that cannot be refuted nor debunked… In what first hand historical record is Charles II described verbatim by his contemporaries as being a “tall white man”???

Or a “tall pale man”??? Or a “tall pallid man”??? Or a “tall fair man”??? The concept of so called Blacks being the original settlers, and builders of the first civilizations everywhere, including Europe, is particularly unsettling to so called whites… No matter how much factual information is presented, so called whites remain incredulous, they say: “this is simply Black people with no accomplishments, trying to steal White accomplishment and history” (Even though the people in question are literally described verbatim in firsthand records as black people) They say: “this is revisionist history” (Even though I’m referencing actual 18th and 19th century historical accounts from the contemporaries of the people in question) They say: “he was called a black man because he had black hair” (Even though any dictionary will tell you that ‘complexion’ is the natural color of a persons skin—especially the face) They say: “he was called a black man because he had an olive complexion” (Even though olives naturally turn black as they ripen) They say: “he was called a black man because he had a tan” As all can see—so called whites keep trying to maintain their lies of history so they must constantly create new and more outrageous lies… Which in turn, only demonstrate their pathetic stupidity… It is not easy to see the lies which formed your reality, crumble before your eyes... May you all, one day find the strength to accept the truth... I understand that sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong… When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted… It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance… And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, IGNORE and even deny anything that doesn't fit in with the core belief… I digress… The charter issued by King Charles II in 1663, represents the moment at which the transatlantic slave trade officially began, with royal approval, in the English (later British) Empire... This led to the rapid expansion of British involvement in the slave trade and enslavement of Africans... The charter granted the Company of Royal Adventurers of England a monopoly in the transportation of people from the west coast of Africa to the English colonies in the Americas... It explicitly sanctioned ‘the buying and selling, bartering and exchanging of, for, and with any negro slaves, goods, wares and merchandizes whatsoever to be vended or found’ in Western Africa… This 6’2” tall life size wax effigy of King Charles II was made in 1686 possibly by sculptor John Bushnell and the face is a remarkable likeness... This wax effigy stood by his grave for over a century before being collected, with others, for display in the small Islip chapel… It shows the king’s black complexion and may have been taken from a life cast of the king's face (this was a fashionable thing to have done at this period) Jewelry from the figure was stolen during a funeral in 1700 and it has lost its sword... The wig is an 18th century replacement...

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