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King Alfred Plan

What if eye told u that climate change is not about weather changes? But about the AWAKENING OF THE BROWN RACE? Let’s check the CODED TALK,..First off… What does climate really mean.. there’s two more older definitions of climate.. and they are land masses or slopes of land.. and the mentality of people…. Yes so called black people waking… like Leaving these Churches and school beliefs of history and finding out our ancestors are from America.. Dig..climate change started being discussed in 1983… And in 1984 president Ronald Reagan and Oliver North brought in Rex 84 KING ALFRED PLAN… A plan to DESTROY ALL BLACKS IN AMERICA BY BURNING IN NUCLEAR OVENS.. don’t believe me? Look up ” THE KING ALFRED PLAN – REX 84… Here a PDF of the plan of which they deny to be true.. but disgruntled employees always tell and show shit..…

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