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jfk was gay

So I just typed in John Kennedy gay”, and was immediately taken here, where we find a 2015 book by Jerry Oppenheimer claiming he was. This is according to testimony by Lawrence Quirk, who worked on Kennedy’s first Congressional campaign and knew Kennedy’s lover Lem Billings. Have you ever heard of Lem Billings? I hadn’t until today. Since that linked article is at a gay site, I at first dismissed it as a possible revenge outing of some sort, but further research made that very difficult to do. I found an article from the Daily Mail in 2015, saying the same things. There we learn Lem had a ‘high, screechy laugh’ and a ‘high, nasal whine of a voice’ that, according to Quirk, ‘instantly tabbed him as gay.’ JFK’s sister Eunice said Jack “was a completely liberated man when he was with Lem.” Yeah, I’ll bet. And you can go to Lem Billings’ encyclopedia page, as I did, which implicitly confirms it. There we are told Kennedy’s relationship with Billings wasn’t just a childhood fling: it was lifelong. Billings had his own room in the White House and was treated as a member of the family. What? Joseph Kennedy called Billings his second son. What?* Jacqueline Kennedy said of Billings, “He has been my house guest since I was married.” What? Billings was known to be gay. Gore Vidal called him the “principal fag at court”. Gore should know, being both gay and related to the Bouviers. Billings said of Kennedy, “Because of him I was never lonely. He may be the reason I never got married.” WHAT? If you don’t think that changes everything, I don’t know what to say. They admit Jack had a flamboyantly gay best friend living with him for three years in the White House, for Pete’s sake! How else could you read it? I mean, look at the photo below. The two guys are framed together! Would you have considered putting yourself in the same frame as your best friend in high school? Would you have considered writing “Godlike” under your friend’s name? Why not just put little hearts with arrows through them all round? ~Miles W. Mathis

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