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Principal apologizes after shocking video shows blindfolded students making out with their PARENTS in high school prank

By Jennifer Madison Updated: 10:17 GMT, 16 December 2011

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They were told to expect a kiss from a ‘special someone’.

But the joke was on teenagers at Rosemount High School when the mystery lip locks they suspected came from their classmates… were actually from their parents.

Now that footage of the cringe-worthy pep rally prank has gone viral, John Wollersheim says as the school principal he owes an apology to everyone who was offended by the incestual display.

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Bad taste: Winter-sport team captains at Rosemount High School in Minnesota were blindfolded and told they would be kissed by a ‘special someone’

A KARE-TV report says the prank for last week’s assembly was planned by the staff.

The winter-sport team captains were blindfolded as their mothers and fathers approached. A video posted on YouTube shows some of the kisses lasting several seconds.

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One parent-child pair even moves to the gym floor, rolling around on top of one another.

In another moment of inappropriate passion, a mother moves her son‘s hand south so far he appears to grab her rear.

After the make out sessions end, the students are asked to guess whose lips met theirs.

More than lip-locks: A mother moves her son’s hand south as he appears to grab her rear

Going for it: One parent-child pair moved to the gym floor as they rolled around

Unfortunate: A blindfolded student describes his mother’s lips as ‘luscious’ before he discovers what happened ‘Um, they had luscious lips,’ says one male student. Ripping the blindfold off, he’s shocked to see, not a female student – but his own mother standing in front of him, as the crowd laughs. Mr Wollersheim said the video shows only a single minute of a 30-minute assembly, but he’s not making excuses. He says the intent was to leave students feeling ‘pepped’, not embarrassed. Mr Wollersheim told the network: ‘This is supposed to be a fun event and it should leave everyone feeling pepped and if it’s leaving people not feeling good or embarrassed or hurt then that’s the exact opposite of what we’re trying to do.’

Taking responsibility: John Wollersheim, apologising, said as Rosemount High School’s principal, he’s responsible for everything that happens at the school

Not the first time: A YouTube commenter, claiming to be a student at Rosemount, said the prank is a ‘tradition’ at the school

One YouTube commenter, claiming to be a student at Rosemount, called the prank is a ‘tradition that only happens every six years or something.’

But Mr Wollersheim said it will not happen again on his watch.

‘As principal I am responsible for everything that happens in the school so, ultimately, I am the person that needs to answer for this,’ he continued.

‘I know there are people who are upset about what they have seen and as principal I am responsible for what happens here. For all the people who are offended, they are genuinely offended, and I owe them an apology.’

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