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its show time

Hey everyone its almost time for the first episode of the WMB show on our you tube channel called wmb of lies and deceit come and check us out and subscribe and become a patreon, the more voices we have the greater and more powerful we become in UNITY there is strength, United we stand but Divided we fall and stay in this same shit hole.

The WMB show is about me, you and US we are the 99%, the silent majority, that must be heard on all 4 rings of power Economic, politics, social and spiritual for when we have those rings of power under our control politicians and the halls of corporate America and other places MUST heed our words and become accountable to the PEOPLE.

WMB is a grass roots movement a world wide movement that will garner support from all over the world and will become a behemoth of an organization that is the Voice of the people ALWAYS.

We are the Voice of the people, the Voice of the NAtion and the Voice of the world, I am as the principle Host of the show willing and able to work to get the news that the PEOPLE can use that will not be on the corporately control MEDIA that is lying to the masses.

We at the WMB show are only accountable to YOU the PEOPLE and we must TELL THE TRUTH and uphold JUSTICE at all times.

This is our mission as we tell the true story of OUR African History and bring it to bear on the lies and deceptive practices of wanna be White Supremacy spheres of influences in our educational system around the world and in particularly America.

It is a fact that the Black Man and woman are the parents of everyone and that really and truthfully we are all Black people and that the people we call white today are descendants of Dravidian albinos, our children are just acting a damn fool traveling 180 miles per hour heading directly into a steel wall and are fighting over where they are going to sit in the damn car.

For those whites who are sick and tired of being sick and tired of so called white people’s bull shit this blog and the WMB show is for you we need everyone support but we have our eyes on you too.

Please check out our book the white man’s burden of lies and deceit 1 n 2 with the link here:,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

Available on and also our you tube channel link:


Isaiah Israel

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