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Its better to be right and to walk into hell than to be a fool and follow fools into heaven…….

Being a leader is more than a position of political economic and or spiritual post it deals with connecting with the needs hopes desires aspirations of a people who desires when met put that man and or woman in a position of authority as the spokes person for that groups cause.

A leader must be tough enough to fight tender enough to cry strong enough to absorb the pain and resilient enough to bounce back and keep on moving.

Often times in life we experience pain derision of others and life's occurrences till something sparks within us to make us move, take action take notice till we decide Hey enough is enough……and for whatever reason that life event catches us off guard knocks us to the ground and forces us to look inward and decide instead of doing nothing WHY NOT DECIDE TO DO SOMETHING AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE….Such mindsets have started revolutions in our American society and worldwide that when a persons mind is made up and theres no where to go but up you have determined BEYOND a doubt that there's no failure anymore only success and that you will move mountains and go through hell and high water to GET IT DONE due to the fact that a mind made up determined to do something is a MIND WELL MADE.

Look at the mother who lost her son to drunk driving instead of falling into a stupor although hurt to the depth of her soul she decided to MAKE a DIFFERENCE and started Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) from this one woman she started a movement a revolution that still affects and effects people today and has saved 1000s of lives although her own child passed away,this type of leadership is one that gives a saintly aura to a person makes them a cut above the rest which in reality isnt the case at all it is from frustration that we may find that in our darkest hours of misgiving doubt fear frustration anger helplessness and hopelessness that we find our true courage our true GODLY inner being that says RISE and stretch forth your hands unto me YOUR GOD for I am the way the truth and the light and that way is accumulation of knowledge wisdom and understanding that lights a pathway to your inner being that says no matter what happened and or happens nothing and no one shall turn me around from completing my goal my purpose in life.

Therefore a leader must stake a stand connect with the people spiritually mentally emotionally physically address the issue of the group at hand and enmasse move towards resolving such issues from only 3rings of power that exist political economic and religion and when this is done that leader will become a mega powerhouse and that group shall become a behemoth of a source of power to be reckoned with.

So sum things up a leader is one who has been moved internally or externally to take action is on fire and isnt scared to take action to complete their goals with the group dynamic in mind therefore a leader is a man or woman of virtues having courage, tenacity, fortitude conviction, character, frugality resoluteness, and will to achieve.

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