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its all a scammmmm

It is ALL a scam. This country was a land scam from the get go. Stop believing the silliness they teach you in government schools about freedom and liberty etc. It was about LAND and resources like fur and metal and timber and on and on. The people living here were basically peaceful, poorly armed and not very materialistic. They actually thought that white people had a mental disorder because they wanted to own everything, even what they couldn’t use. And they were right!

So they came by the millions, drove them off with force and took THEIR HOMELAND for free. That is what happened. I’m sorry if you trigger on the truth, but it is what it is.

People talk about American “exceptionalism” and point to the amazing wealth creation etc. that supposedly occurred so rapidly and they claim it is because of all of the freedom they brought. I just laugh. What about the WEALTH DESTRUCTION that was IMPOSED ON THE PEOPLE ALREADY HERE. That is never thrown into the calculation of the “miracle” of freedom and “capitalism” that supposedly occurred.

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