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is kanye west right

KANYE IS CORRECT THE UNIVERSE IS TELLING HIM CORRECTLY (even tho he don’t know WHY ..his spirit is correct ) LEARN YOUR HISTORY BLACKS of AMERICA WE WENT FROM MASTER of this LAND MASS TO VOLUNTEER TO BE INDENTURED SERVANTS/ Chattle property IN THE 13 colonies TO OUR OWN European SLAVE who took ON OUR IDENTITY AS THEIR OWN AND WE ALSO FOUGHT THE BRITs WITH THEM TO CREATE an INDEPENDENCE DAY (freedom from the brits)for them creating US.S. CONSTITUTION AND BILL OF RIGHTS a UNION BETWEEN US & them calling it THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA but they DIDNT KEEP UP THE END OF THE BARGAIN THEY DECEIVED US keep us as 3/5 men and political prisoners til today… so basically North American blacks only experienced 85 years of EXTREME HARD EVIL SAVAGE SLAVEry breaking OUR ANCESTORS AND FAMILY LINEAGES TO ERASE WHO WE ARE on this land mass to steal the land WEALTH and our empire AWAY AND THEY DID IT BECAUSE WE DONT CARE WHO WE REALLY ARE TODAY .. NEWS FLASH WE WASN’T SLAVES 400 years STOP BELIEVING THAT LIE THIS COUNTRY ISNT even 245 years old yet we can’t claim ALL 400 years WHEN WE controlled the slave trade TOO as the same years OTHER BLACKS were enslaved in the Western Hemisphere !! 3 TYPES OF SLAVERIES OCCURRED IN THE WEST … this is why it’s a mentally WE have been programmed with a false since of history and OUR GREATNESS IN IT .. THEY don’t want US to Discover WHO WE REALLY ARE..!! In North America… free history lessons will break the chain of mental slavery and MAGA.. gotta get up and nation build again

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