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irish carribeans

Irish Caribbeans are people who live in the Caribbean, but are descended from people who were born in Ireland...

Irish immigration to the Caribbean dates back to the 17th century... Following Cromwell's victory in Ireland in 1653, it is estimated that as many as 30,000 Catholics were transported to the West Indies, some settling on Montserrat... So called Black Irish people accounted for almost 70% of Montserrat's population by the late seventeenth century, thus "registering the highest concentration of persons of Irish ethnicity of any colony in the history of both the first and second English empires" So called whites account for only 2.7% of Montserrat’s population...

Penal transportation or transportation was the relocation of convicted criminals, or other persons regarded as undesirable, to a distant place, often a colony for a specified term; later, specifically established penal colonies became their destination... England transported its convicts and political prisoners, as well as prisoners of war from Scotland and Ireland, to its overseas colonies in the Americas from the 1610s until early in the American Revolution in 1776, when transportation to America was temporarily suspended by the Criminal Law Act 1776...

While the prisoners may have been released once the sentences were served, they generally did not have the resources to return home... Many offenders thus stayed in the American Colonies as free persons... “There was an Edinburgh writer, George Hume, age 30, marked as a ‘Black man’ whose colour would, no doubt, suit the West Indies” SOURCE; (J. Macbeth Forbes, “Jacobite Gleanings From State Manuscripts: Short Sketches of Jacobites; The Transportations in 1745; 1928) “Half of all white servants in the Chesapeake colonies of Virginia and Maryland died within five years of their arrival” SOURCE; ( Clearly, so called whites could not withstand working under the Burning Caribbean sun... This debunks the lie that Indentured Servants from Europe in the Caribbean and American Colonies were so called whites… If half of them died in Maryland, imagine how short a time they would last in the Caribbean if they worked the fields as is claimed... If so called whites could not survive working the fields during the one crop growing season in the Chesapeake Bay Colonies—where the Highest UV radiation is the SAME as the LOWEST UV radiation in the Caribbean—Then they stood NO chance of surviving in Barbados, Jamaica or Monserrat which has YEAR-ROUND crop growing seasons...

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