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They are not in photographs because they are using photography to fool you into thinking “Siberians” are Indigenous when they are not and weren’t seen by whites until the 1800’s in the west. Columbus came to the Americas in 1492 and photography wasn’t created until the 1830’s. The real “Indians” are in paintings, codexes, illustrations, books, sculptures and other arts. This is what Indians looked like before photography.

American Indians Biggest Secret * -100 Part Series- part 1 chewable dentifrices (precontact) -Negro, Black, Colored, African American and Afro American which are all tags, labels and derogatory names that cast you into the middle of nothing and darkness, but what are they actually trying to hide from you -We’ll what we do already know is the African American aka American Indian has been the best and elite people on this earth in acting , sports, swag, attention and music but the powers that be have only kept the so called African American on the entertainment level aka arts because they are hiding the fact that the African American aka American Indian was the most advanced civilization on earth -Yes in this 100 part series I will bring documented proof of evidence that the American Indian people of the Americas was not just sitting in the Americas shooting bows & arrows and sleeping in Teepees but instead where more advanced in building, surgery’s, medicines, writing, science, teaching, craftsmanship, thinking, cooking, autonomy, weapons, or harvesting than the Europeans were or ever could hope to be and this from there own writings and finding over a 300 year period in the Americas -As you will see and read that in the Americas, the American Indians had just about everything at their feet that you have today but I would say or go even further to say that American Indians had more then than what people actually have today because of sharing and caring made that possible -On the other hand, the way of living in Europe and the rest of the eastern hemisphere was what I consider death and grim, because the people in eastern hemisphere lived strictly by religion and government, which means the governments controls everything and everyone through religion, thus people are classed through paper money as the resources are giving to a few aka companies to rationed out to the masses -Not saying that the American Indian negros were perfect and didn’t war with each other but I think the negros in Europe, Asia and the Middle East really went against each for the worst when these Caucasians came out of South Africa and the Caucus Mountains -I think that the negro in Europe, Middle East, and Asia seen a way to get rid of a lot of full blooded negros especially their enemies but using these Caucasians to mix out their own people, something that did eventually happen worldwide as today most of your people are mixed in the Middle East, Asia, India, Latin America, Caribbean Island, Pacific Islands, Spain etc from Caucasians mixing with negros on those lands -Now what I am here to tell you is yes that the European system is evil and in my eyes the work of the devil, a system that is full of lies, soulless, empty, leaves people without for no reason, poisons people, takes and doesn’t give, useless, gay, nothing good, non spiritual, lifeless, greedy, walking dead, untruthful, zero reason to live, slavery, no meaning, ugly, breathless, unnatural, nature-less, non advanced, backward, a slow death, sick, not helpful, hidden hands, a waste of time, no values, no love, no honesty, very little growth, zero propose, murder, war, dysfunctional, boring, non nutritional, not real, beliefs but not knowing, lost, crazy, not stable, unconscious, dark, gloomy, not of the earth -Yes I could go on for days telling you how Europeans lived before coming to your indigenous land the Americas, where they were the most cruelest and uncivilized people on the earth before running into the most advanced civilization on the earth aka America Indians -From what I know and have read, after what is the great flood, these Caucasians and negros of eastern were left with very little resources to survive on daily, but instead of helping each other in everyday life, they choose greed, thus only a handful could have all the resources through Royalty, Government, religion and corporations -Just the total opposite in the Americas where American Indians not only were left with a wealth of resources after the great flood but shared it with all and preserved it so life was healthy and wealthy -Of course after thousands of years this would actually change when the Moors brought these Europeans to the Americas in 1500’ and these Europeans convinced many American Indian negros of why would you share because if you put in a system of religion and government in place you can hide all information of life and a few can have all -Sorry to say but this is what happened, if you have back and read Indian wars from 1600’-1866, you will find that in those 500 wars it was many Indian tribes fighting with the Europeans against other Indians for the land and resources -From 1600’s -1866 rather we were Indians or negro Christian, we fought with these Europeans against our own people of this land for almost 300 years until we had no land left to possess and then of course starting in the early 1900’s we helped them by starting this Africa movement, as we started claiming we weren’t even here but instead came from Africa -What the American Indian aka Negro have done and continue to do to their own people since these Europeans showed up is beyond words, because the American Indian were the most intelligent, hardest working and peaceful people on this earth before the European showed up but then after have been very evil to their own people since they were able to see how greedy they could be in their own land -Let me say this, when I say Europeans don’t think I am just talking about Caucasians because they weren’t even in power in Europe until the 1800’s but instead I speak of Euro-Negros, Euro-Caucasians and the mixed race Spaniards who were nothing but a Caucasian/Negro mixed -If you wanna know history, just know there are two history’s of the world, one history is pre reconstruction and the other is post reconstruction and I’d advice you that you should always get your information and facts about the world in the pre reconstruction era of the world because you no longer live in a real world today, as today is post reconstruction aka the world of commerce, contracts and commercial laws -Also I would like to state, Europeans don’t run America, negros of this land still run America and own America and these negros are your celebrities, politicians, athletes, musicians, actors and some negros you never see who are bloodline Indian royalty of this land -Europeans don’t own America, Europeans are here to do business through corporations that’s it like they did when they first got here -It’s going to be very hard for negros to understand that they are where they are today because of their own people of this land have and continue to take the European system way of living which is greed, thus the majority of American Indian Negros are left with nothing, while the greedy few American Indian negros have it all as they get you to blame everything on the white man -I think especially for the indigenous communities who know already who they are, once they are able to get past blaming the white man aka slaves in America and start blaming American Indians for what they have and continue to do with being in alliance the past 400 years with these Europeans then finally American Indians I think can have a chance to wake up -So yeah before the Europeans showed up to the Americas, the American Indians were so advanced in life than the Europeans that it not only had them scratching their heads, these Europeans ran to the Americas for life, wealth, health and business opportunities as they compared the Americas to Heaven on Earth and the lost land of Atlantis -Now this isn’t a dream or something made up but instead documented evidence on how the Americas and America Indians were the most advanced civilization on earth and changed food, spices, building, architecture, medicine, survival, education, farming, hygiene, cooking, living, war, iron forming, science, clothes making, technological innovation hunting etc etc chewable dentifrices (precontact) Mesoamerican, South American, North American Southeast and Great Plains cultures A dentifrice is a substance used to aid in cleaning the teeth in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums. During 1998, chew- able dentifrices were marketed in the United States as “new” products and advertised as a breakthrough in dental care. How- ever, chewable dentifrices are prehistoric in origin. The Ameri- can Indians of South and Mesoamerica relied on chewable dentifrices for routine preventative dental care for hundreds of years before the present-day dental aid made its debut. For ex- ample, the Aztec, who established an empire in Mesoamerica in about A.D. 1100, used plain unsweetened CHEWING GUM made from chicle as a preventative measure against tooth decay. This demonstrated a high level of medical knowledge of dental care. In North America many Indian tribes in the South used Indian cup, or ragged cup (Silphium perfoliatum), for the plant’s resinous sap. After extracting the sap, the Indians chewed it not only to clean teeth but also to treat other medical conditions. Ragged cup sap has stimulant, tonic, ANTISPASMODIC, and di- aphoretic (perspiration-producing) properties. The practice of chewing ragged cup to aid in cleaning the teeth was adopted from the Indians by the early European immigrants to Amer- ica. The Choctaw of the South also used button brush (Cepha- lanthus occidentalis) as a chewable dentifrice. In addition, gum served medicinal purposes such as eas- ing headaches, toothaches, and indigestion. In North America, Indians chewed pine needles, for example, to relieve sore throats and coughing. Besides soothing the symptoms, the nee- dles provided vitamin C. The Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota peo- ple of the northern plains chewed on pieces of sweet flag to moisten the mouth and ease the pain of toothaches. Some In- dian people chewed charcoal as a breath freshener. Charcoal served as an excellent breath freshener because of its ability to absorb odors. Sources/Further Reading Lust, John. The Herb Book. New York: Bantam Books, 1974 Ortiz de Montellano, Bernard. Aztec Medicine, Health, and Nu- trition. New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1990. Vogel, Virgil. American Indian Medicine. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1977

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